Monday, February 18, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 18 February 2013

Seem like this week got many of them which caught my Sparkly Peeking Eye in the Figurines site, and so let take a few more peek at them.

If you ask me, I do personally want to just grab a few of them right away.

First off the bat and one of my Favor from the Vocaloid.

Racing Miku 2012 ver. @Amiami

Though Year 2012 may be last year, but this costume of Miku is still looking fresh and great.

What I will surely give praise would be how the details of the Twintail can look so great and nice on top with the cute smiling face expression.

Ahh~ Doesn't made you wanna just grab her with your clean hand to start the daily race of life?

Another girl who is ready to strike down anyone daily, and still looking pretty.

Asuna @Amiami

Knowing her as the brave and the flash, what got me wondering about this figurines is how come her hair color seem so light.

But other then those, I will still give praise for the details of the hair and costume. It really made her ready to strike down anything that come in her path.

Well, it really is best not to cross her, but I would still invite her to my Hiding spot. One thing that got me wondering though would be her leg pose.

Unlike Asuna, it would seem that there is another Swords Woman appearing, but with her sword and in her best dress.

Saber Lily Dress Code @Amiami

One thing for sure, she look very pretty in that dress, which is in a good combination of White and blue. Well, she seem like she is ready to go for a ball or party and not the battle field.

I'm sure there will guys who want to ask her for a dance too. I really like how the way she walk gracefully.

You don't get to see her in a party dress most of the time since she is a king who held the powerful sword in her hand.

And same go to someone who tend to wear pants insider her skirt.

Mikoto Misaka INTRUDER Desukedo Ver. @Amiami

Those who peeked into the Manga, will find this no stranger but this is the costume when Mikoto wear when she went solo and try to stop the Imouto Project.

Though her usual appearance is her school uniform with pant on, this time is her tight pant on, but with her cute shirt and shirt instead of Uniform.

Well, she got her favor character face mask with her too, which she seem to be careful when sneaking around. Even if I said she is sneakily around, she still the well-known Biri-biri shocker.

Another beautiful and clever woman from a game had decided to step out into the figurine world.

Fiona Raita Kazama ver. @Amiami

I think the first thing you will see the picture on the right will be her oppai first. Not the detail of her hair or costume but her oppai.

Well, her art was created like that, on top to her cleverness and beauty. Even though the costume she wear is very nice, I even had to admit that I look at her oppai first.

I sure need to give the Maker a good praise for this nice figurine.

But if you want to take a peek at the butt instead, then there is another girl.

Sean Ari @Amiami

She sure let you know her panty is white in color, which if you grab both Sean Ari and Fiona, then you will get to have a nice Fan Service Figurine.

I had to admit that this figurine look really nice and great where it seem that Sean Ari tripped on the floor and you so happen to show her panty.

Well, even if I say Fan Service, I think both can easily made some think dirty.

But this girl can let one think naughty thing right away.

Ichika Takatsuki Negligee ver. @Amiami

She is wearing a sleeping gown and with a nice body of her even as an alien, she still look very sexy.

Would be great if she can accompany you to see, right? Even I would like that, but the only thing she can do is just to stand and pose and place somewhere in your hiding spot.

Her nearly transparent sleeping gown really look great which you can nearly see her panty, which is why I will give another praise to this figurines.

If you want to a girl all cover, well, there is one.

Lady Armaroid @Amiami

A great partner of Cobra, she sure can do a lot of action pose and standing coolly next to Cobra too.

If you want a girl to be all cover like that, then you can consider grabbing her. Not many are aware of the Manga Cobra, which I will also admit that I didn't peek at this story at all.

Even it first chapter was release way before I was even born. But from what I know, she is one powerful girl not to reckon with.

Last girl to end this week Figurine Report, will be again end with a cute girl in a cute swimsuit.

Chinatsu Yoshikawa @Amiami

Chinatsu sure is cute with her nice pink hair, cute smiling face expression and that pose of her with the float.

She had decided to come over with Akari to take a dip in the pool/beach after all. Interestingly, both are standing on one leg which made me wonder if they would get tired or not.

As far as I peeked, is there any praiseworthy Figurines that you want to grab with your clean hands?

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