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Mada's Figurines Report 5 February 2013

Asuka Lan
This week sure got a few of the figurines which are pretty interesting and very nice too, but out of the few which there are 2 of them which got me really Sparkly Eye and Clean hand wanting to grab them.

Of course my clean hand need to give out some paper first before grabbing them.

But let take a peek at some of them, and I will still point out the 2 which I really want to grab.

First off the chart and list, it Asuka in her plug suit, and she got one eye patch on her left eye.

Not only did the face expression and the details of her suit look nice, the hair details is also done pretty  nice too.

Which is why this is on top of my list should I considering grabbing a figurine. Asuka is also kneeling on the top of a nicely details base,  and due to that, she can do a very sexy pose.

Akeno Himejima
The face expression she showing really increase her appeal point.

Figurines @Amiami

But if you're going for the more sexy appeal, then Akeno is your choice, and she can remove some part of her clothes.

She also got a very pretty face, though I was surprise about the part where she is removing her underwear, but not fully.

Depending on yourselves, you can decide to her be fully dress, or partial. Even so, she sure look very nice. The details is not that bad, though I wonder why it look more sharper than expected.

Magical Nia
Though the cost seem a lot, but that is to be expected due to being from FREEing and the scale of the figurines.

Even so, I still give it a good thumb up for the nice pose.

But if you don't want to go too far for the revealing body, and yet halfway, there is one; Magical Nia.

What I can said is that she really in figurine modes, and you get to see her sexy body. She isn't fully naked unlike Akeno, but you can say that you still get to see her body curves.

Despite having her nice moon base stand, her signatures magical staffs still put me off.

It's still actually funny how her staff got a weird face, and Nia is powerful on her own end which is why this 2 combo is very suitable.

Sakuya Izayoi
I wonder if Nia is able to use her magic to clean up my hiding spot nicely, but maybe I can ask Sakuya for help.

She is a maid afterall and this time she is serving some tea.

I find this one to be more maid like then the other which I peeked before, and the hair style seem to make her look more gentle.

She is powerful on her own, but just taking a peek at her still get me lower my guard.

Even when Akeno and Nia show their body, the most is I get knock out, which I would hope Sakuya will help me. Asuka might just ignored me.

Well, a Maid in the maid costume is just too irresistible, though Singapore Maid all wear normal casual clothes.

Wing Gundam
I do wonder if Gundam is another costume or robot when I take a peek at this figurine.

Armor Girls Project MS Shoujo - Wing Gundam Zero @Amiami

She can move nicely, and she is the female version of the Wing Gundam, which is one of my favor since I used to see that series when I was younger.

What amazed me for this isn't that because she is Wing Gundam or being a Girl, but is the face expression and hair style instead. Meaning to say that moving her joint isn't just her selling point.

At least you get to customize her a bit to your own taste, and she look very nice and sexy despite being a Wing Gundam. The thing is, I better get away from her weapons if I going against her. Knowing the original Wing Gundam, the beam fire from that two weapons isn't a laughing matters.

Konjiki no Yami
She can be consider as a Figma, and there are 3 figma girls who are also very strong and powerful too.

Figma / Action Figurines @Amiami

I had to give Bandai a thumb up for making this girl going all out; With weapons.

I am really amazed on the parts that she can had sharp blade on her hands and hair like how the Manga go about.

I did like peeking into To-love-ru for it interesting plot, but somehow I had to give the Drawer a good thumb for his art, which really is giving a run for his money.

But as based from the previous work, Black Cat, the same look character really is very powerful. One will never known that a harmless looking girl is actually a weapons herself.

Able to change her body part to almost any weapons, that is really very adaptable to different situations.

But if you want to fix to one weapons, there Labrys with her big strong Axe. And that same axe can somehow become her Wings too.

Despite wearing a school clothing, she can be also seem as a powerful knight with some armor for protection. What's more? She can also be seen as a White Knight too.

I had seem my friends played this game, and I am aware she is very powerful on her own too. Plus I like this character a lot, which I wonder if it was due to her hair color.

She is swing a very big Axe too, which can be her wings. And that appearance did made me from a Knight to an Angel in just a short moment.

Cryska Barchenowa
Good thing I wearing my glasses, and I wonder why the game like glasses.

Last figma to go will be Cryska, and she still got her nice body curves and look, which made her the second one which I want to grab with.

I actually wonder why the 2 figurines I took an interested is the girls in their Suit. Well, I like the characters, but both just had to be in heir suit at the same time when I do this week report.

One thing about OLabrvs and Cryska is that they can do action like they are ready to strike with their weapons. Yes, Cryska got her handguns ready and hidden well.

One wrong step, and you will get it. Cryska might be pretty, but behind that is a powerful and skilled, but she still a girl with a heart too. Which is why she is my favor character in the Anime.

Hayate Yagami
Seem enough figurines? Fine, I will not peek at Nendoroid, but let take a peek at one nice Plushie instead.

Hayate Yagami Plushie @Amiami

Out of the three girls I would prefer Nanoha, but Hayate is also another cute girl too, and she is very powerful too.

One hit from her and that is, even for a plushie. Like dolls, plushie are also very cute and they are more like chibi version of the original version. Even I do own 2 Miku Plushie, since she is one of my favor.

Yukiho Hagiwara
One had to take a liking to plushie, since they are cute, but take a last peek at 2 more girls in their swimsuit before I close off for the day too.

Girl in swimsuit figurines @Amiami

Well, girls do look great and nice in their swimsuit, and they are also symbol of Fans Service too in Anime. Anyway I will give my thumbs up to the Beach Queens Series, for having so many anime characters in their swimsuit.

They are at a reasonable price with nice details. Plus some of them can even change their hair style, while some get remove their hat.

This week, it seem like bot Yukiho and Konatsu are in their cute swimsuit, and both of them really look very cute indeed. Their swimsuit may seen plain and simple, but their cuteness are enhanced to a high Level.

Konatsu Miyamoto
Well, sometime plain and simple are better than fancy one, but that depend on situations.

I can understand one wearing a straw hat to a beach just to avoid the sun, but I wonder why a shovel is brought along.

Wonder who she going to bury. She sure got a "very hard to know what she going to do" face expression.

Maybe she is going to built a big sand castle with it, while Konatsu is going to enjoy herself at the beach. She even tie her hair just in case when playing at the water.

Both girls sure got their nice body curves too, for someone who are young.

Well, seem to me that this week sure got girls who all got their own sex appeal, even for a figurines and the details are very nicely done. As far as I peeked, do you like a sexy girl figurines?

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