Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report 24 February 2013

Well, it would seem that today is a very Windy Day, and that my door knot just broken down, in a way. So since I can't lock up my Hiding Spot, I will have no piracy for now.

But no matter, let take a peek at what I been up for the past 2 week, starting from the Chinese New Year.

First thing is that I been peeking at many different Figurines, and that including Anime Goods over at Amiami site.

There still a few more Anime Goods which come as the same series/anime, so I will peek into them at a later timing. But there are just so many nice figurines this time around, as same go to Anime Goods. Well, some would say they not useful, but to the Peeking Eye, it a whole lot different.

Even just taking a peek at those nice little Nendoroid can be good to the Eye. I did play a little with Saber Lily Nendoroid for sometime.

One thing for sure is that there isn't any Rainy for now, which I wonder why I did went out on a 2 day Rainy Walking Session. I even got myself injury from slipping down, but it would seem that the injury is now fine.

Just problem is that my right arms still felt bit numb. Will need to stop using it much for now. But due to my Sister insisting on playing some PS3 Games, I think hands movement isn't going to worsen the injury.

In any case, one thing for sure is that the Release of Play Station 4 is due to be in end of this year, so there sure will be many expectation in this year E3 event.

I wonder how much I, or many other people will need to wait for the release. Even the newly design controller is very interesting enough.

Just that one will need to wait and see how the thing will go by. The last of the 3 famous Console, Xbox, will need to bulk up on the successor for Xbox 360. Sure many are waiting how thing will turn out. Wii U was the first to release. Still yet to activate my interest to grab it for now.

Those who wonder how I waste my Chinese New Year or Valentine Day, well, I can say that I doing much except for Anime and Manga Peeking.

And there are some series which I would like to share them.

I did grab two of the above Volumes during my walking session; Black Rock Shooter and Isuca. Well, they are nice for some short Manga Peeking since there isn't much Volumes for them yet. 

Also Black Rock Shooter - Innocent Soul had ended with 3 Volumes, but the story plot ending is still in a way not bad. As for Dracu-Riot, the original title belong to an Eroge, which is why the story is based off from. But now that I mentioned it, I did noticed that some of the Manga which I peeked also based from from Eroge.

Wonder how their story plot can be interesting. Wonder how I can grab one and try out the story, problem is that I can't read Japanese. Look like I will need to listen to the Voice carefully.

But from the dating Sims which I played in my PSP, one thing for sure is that it will take very long. There are many different route, choices and scenes, and the ending will differ based on the choices made.

Just that, taking time to try out all of them will need a lot of time. I do want to peek at some Manga and Anime which I yet to peek.

They just release so many in one shot, but at least I know there will new chapters, series to look out for. I do need to pack up my stuffs, do some planning and peeking at some nice Manga and Anime.

As for now, time to continue on the PS3 game my sister been wanting to play.
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