Thursday, February 28, 2013

Room Cleaning and Adding

Due to the remove of the broken door knob, now there are some peeking hole, and I can see how bad the contractor did to the door. I even had to sand it myself to ensure the edge is safe.

Well, I can close the door very easily, but got a headaches when going to open it. Even now I can't have my piracy since the door can be open very easily too.

In anyway, if you want to take a peek, well, let me clean up my room again, before I do a new post.

Things never seem to be in a neat way, and even after doing one time clean up, my room can somehow get messy. Even the dirt and duct are some where out of no where.

The good thing is that there is something call cleaning, and I do need to sweep and mop the floor. I just pack my parents newly re-stocked goods. So There are more thing need to clear.

As for my room, due to slowly but steady addition of books, and also due to the taking over of the Wii Console again, I needed to clear and clean the game slot. If you take a peek at my bookshelf, there are more games in view then previously shown. Well, not as much as someone would expected, but it a lot down there.

Also, my figurines are getting lesser space to pose on my bookshelf, so I do need to clear out one nice spot. Seem like I going to remove some stuffs, and hide them somewhere in my room.

Honestly saying, I still got some of the new books yet to peek into, especially for the light novel. I do take a lot of time to read one volumes, and will re-peek into it to have a better understanding.

I not the one who just read once and forget it, or can read once and understand the whole story. I still need to slowly understand the story, since my brain processing speed isn't that great. If I can upgrade the CPU, RAM and Harddisk, then it a different story.

There still many Anime and Manga releasing out there, and sometime I still need to take a short while to play the PS3 Game. Sometime my sister did want to play a few games, and I even got a new one since she always play some games herself. But the problem is, since she a 3-D Modeler, she had taken notice of the effect, the model and animation of the Game Characters which she tend not to notice, or lazy to see.

Show her Final Fantasy 13 part 1 and 2 and she will get a mind blown on those cut scenes. Just imagine FF13 Part 3 being released. The Trailers got me very interested and want to know what happen.

Wonder how it will go, but one thing for sure, I will have to plan my time on playing the game, and to drink a lot of coffee to keep myself awake.

This time playing Dynasty Warrior 7 Empires was more than the time when playing Dynasty Warrior 6 Empires. I still slowly getting use to the game style, but my sister tend to play Basara 3 Utage.

I wonder how come her luck can be so funny and so good when she playing games, and yet she doesn't know what to do with it, I had to slowly tell her the best way of using them.

Yes, playing split screen, but I need to take a look at both to know what she need to do, before giving her a good instruction. Due to this, sometime when playing with my friends, I would do the same, which I will just keep quiet. Now that I noticed, it been a while since I last play FPS game with my friends.

Hmm, I still play more on RPG and Hack-Slash Games. Fighting game still there, but I play for the fun of it.

As for now, time to rest my Peeking eye by looking at those cute little figurines of mine.
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