Monday, February 11, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 11 February 2013

So it the second day of the Lunar New Years, and yet when you think about the normal calendar, Valentine Day is actually nearing.

It will be a day where Boys are waiting for Chocolate and where couples going out for dates. So let take a peek at some girls which you might want to invite, or receive/give some chocolate.

No worry as there are practice where boys give chocolate to girl on Valentine days.

And here one girl that I actually afraid of receiving a chocolate from.

Remon Yamano @Amiami

She may seen small, and young, but she is an undercover agent and is very devious and mischievous. Who know what she will add to the chocolate. But for fan out there, she is up grabbing in the pre-order list and she is posing with a very cute face expression.

She sure stand nicely next to Ichika whom she befriend very well; just that I wonder what that radio on her hand is.

Another figurine with a cute face expression and with nice clothing would surely look great with a doll.

Yunoha Thrul @Amiami

This is what I got getting a nice hug with a doll, and she sure look very great with that pose while sitting down.

This is the moment when many wish to be the doll hugged by a cute girl.

She is finally up for grabbing with her gang, but what I was shocked at how bright the color work is for her, even if the product might be vary when ordered.

For those who love Aquarion EVOL, or just like Yunoha, then it a nice time to grab her. If you got some money from the Chinese New Year, then you can consider using it, or else better save it. If I was to choose, I wish she would hug me and give me some chocolate instead.

From many different Series I seen, this girl never fail to amaze with her love for a guy.

Nyarlathotep @Amiami

Even if it a love at first sight for her to love one guy, she sure take it to the extreme, plus she is the type who will do anything bad to the guy too.

This time Nyaruko is wearing a maid clothing to show how much she want to serve, or she is readying herself to give some chocolate.

I not sure about it, but I do know that there are some who prepare chocolate themselves, just that maybe Nyaruko is wearing maid costume to prepare the Valentine Chocolate.

What more is that her hair antenna is showing some love too, which the chocolate will be fill with. What more can we expect from her? She just too perfect for a human, even if she is an alien herself.

Sometime, there are some who decided to give Valentine day an extreme edge, and this twins is going that path.

Kiss x sis @Amiami
-Ako Sunomie
-Riko Sunomie

This two sisters are wearing very little, and what more is that they are revealing their body, but not fully. If you want to have them for Valentine, then you can consider grabbing both.

From what I can see, you can expect them to give some chocolate, just that they are going to add in some bonus as well.

Their action and movement, on top to their clothing and face expression, is really showing that they are going for the extreme.

If you want to go for more extreme, then you might love this set of girl from Little Busters.

Little Busters! Ecstasy Zeiin Shugo! Ofuro Collection BOX @Amiami

This is what I call, revealing way too much, and also looking good. Just that if they are all in the girl changing room, I get discovered by them; Forget about chocolate, I will get the hell out of me.

In anyway, if you really like the series, this collection is up for grabbing and the girls are looking very pretty nice to grab with.

Would love to have this group of girl to go out with during the Valentine day, but I would bring them out myself; they are revealing a little too much. Just place them at home, and when you get back, take a good look a each of them. It would be very nice for the eye.

There are some who went out for some swimming during Valentine day too.

Saori Takebe @Amiami

It still cold out there in some countries, so going to the beach might be a problem. But that didn't mean that the swimming pool isn't open.

Going to the pool and having fun during Valentine day would be one great thing to do. Plus at the end of the day, if the moment is right, you can expect a chocolate from them.

Saori is a great cook and she do want attention from a guy, so best to give her a great time at the pool.

Unexpectedly, she do look great in her swimsuit even if the color yellow might seem too bright. It might be what give her the attention she wanted or needed.

Another girl who is going to enjoy herself would be one nice angel.

Nymph @Amiami

She too cute for an angel, and she wearing a nice white swimsuit. What more her bright light blue hair and twintails really get the kill.

I had to give the praise for this one as her face expression is also very cute, making this a very great grabbing for someone who like cute thing.

Just looking at her can (or not) improve eyesight. Just that I wonder if she will give some chocolate though. Anyway just looking at Saori and Nymph in their swimsuit is already very sweet for my Sparkly Peeking Eye, receiving chocolate would be the bonus instead.

As far as I peeked, do you had any characters whom you wish to receive some Valentine Chocolate from?

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