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Seitokai Tantei Kirika

Seitokai Tantei Kirika
Student Council Detective Kirika

Creator - SUGII Hikaru (Same Creator as Sayonara Piano Sonata and Kamisama no Memochou)


Light Novels
Character Design / Art by Ponkan 8
(Same Character Designer for Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru.)
Published by Kodansha
4 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Drawn by YUI
(Same Drawer for Negiho (Ito) Bun)
Published in Shounen Sirius (Kodansha)
2 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Peek a little @Batoto

For those who love the story of Sayonara Piano Sonata and Kamisama no Memochou, you might want to take a little peek into this new series.

Well, not really a new series, since it got 4 Volumes out since December 2011. And there are readers for the light novels version.

I only get to peek into the Manga before I get to notice that it was the same creator.

In anyway, the story isn't that bad, just a bit of having thing being overboard for a normal life school. And why that?

A treasurer who need to manage 800 Million Yen (equal to 10 Million Singapore Dollar or 8 Million USD). Most of all, she is a very clever and great detective who can understand and solve problem in quick succession.

But that not all, the student president is so strong, that even the strong men in the school are like little kids to her. I really wonder just how strong she really is.

Well, enough chatting and let me give some quick brief on the story plot.

Hikage Makimura is a newly transfer high school student, who didn't have any friends after 3 days of transferring in. Well, the school had a ladder system which it a rare case of having an outside student to transfer into the high school section.

And in the third day, he was ordered to pass some form to be filled in by one of the "missing" student in the school, Kirika Hijiribashi. She is the Treasurer in the student council, and she tend to lock herself in one of the room in the student council office.

And just before he leave, the sudden appearance and talking from his classmate shocked him, as they explained to him something call the Student Council Office Fortune Telling.

If he get to meet the vice-president only, it a great fortune. If the president is also there, it a medium fortune though having no one inside is small fortune. And the problem is, if it is president only, then it a misfortune. But it would seem that the student council only got 3 members in, President, Vice President and the Treasurer.

Well, the main boy also mentioned that he got an elder sister, Hinata, which mean in the Sun, while his being in the shade. The interesting thing is that his elder sister is so great, that her grade and achievement is very good.

And he get to be compared to her, which the father will scold him a lot, while his mother worry about his grade a lot.

While he explained that, he had reached the office, and was shocked to know that the student council office is so grand and luxury, that there are rooms for each members.

And so, he got a small fortune as there isn't anyone in the room. He was able to later find Kirika in her own room, and managed to ask her to do the forms.

Interestingly, she do not interact with much people, or it would be more like hard to speak to her. Which is why it more interesting when Hikage managed to speak easily to Kirika. But he was shocked to know that she look like a little cute girl.

But, it more shocking when Kirika said that she managed 800 Million Yen for the school last year budget. And that she like to move money around. She really a good account if she able to pull that off.

I meant, just how rich is that school for able to having that kind of money. Well, looking just at the room, it might explained a lot though.

Just before he go out of the office, that small fortune going to be a bad one for him though, when the office door just opened suddenly, knocking down Hikage. Or more like he get pushed down by a "Lion".

It the aura from the president,  Kotetsu Tennouji, who not just any normal looking girl, but as I mentioned, able to defeat many strong men, and not breaking a sweat.

And due to her reputation, many fear of her. Well, the angelic vice persident was able to stop her from going further. Misono Takeuchi known Hikage's elder sister, who was her senpai in middle school.

Well, they did wanted Hikage to join the student council as they are short handed. Though Hikage just run off and rejected it a few times. Well, even when the angelic Misono try to persuade him later on at his dorm too.

Turned out, as expected from Hinata, Hikage was able to learn that Misono is actually a very manipulative person. And the reason why he ended going to the student council office in the first place was due to her planning.

Well, he did mistaken her intention as getting close to him will also getting close to his sister. Misono did try the cute and tearful eye trick on him before she got busted and going "Tee-hee!"

Later on, Misono and Kirika was able to save Hikage from a bad situation with the football team, when he got suspected of stealing their club fund. That also the time where Kirika is reveal of her second position, a detective.

But that did got him in a bad situation when many club learnt of his "so call close relationship" with the Treasurer Kirika. The thing is, able to know her well, will that able to increase their club fund, which just to show how money face many of them are.

But I do like how the time when Hikage was "having a conversation" with Kotetsu via a broadcast where it would seem that she know what Hikage is thinking or going to do next. She even saved him from the "attack of the clubs" when they try to force him to join them.

Well, he is now the assistant to Kirika, where he need to help her in many ways. But the school tend to have many problem coming up, but interestingly, money tend to the one causing the problem, or the roots of those mystery.

I would say that it really not bad for a story, considering the creator did create nice light novels in the first place, but I actually went for the Manga instead.

If you lost your money, or having money problem, you might want to ask help from Seitokai Tantei Kirika.
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