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Creator - Takahashi Osamu
(Same Creator as Shinseiki Evangelion: Ikari Shinji Ikusei Keikaku)

Series - Manga
Published in Young Ace, Kadokawa Shoten
3 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Story plot did a start with a little peek on the end, but let just start with the main character, Asano Shinichirou, a normal high school student, looking for a part time to pay his rent due to his No good Magician Dad and Assistance Mum not sending in any more money.

And he had bump into Shimazu Sakuya right after the story started, but they didn't know that that bump is going to be their fact. Anyway, in order to have a part time job, Asano need to get a permit from his Teacher, Souma Nadeshiko.

After noticing Asano able to tidy thing up, and with knowledge of doing laundry and cooking, she had asked him to work for someone to tidy their house up and cooking for them.

Asano agreed at first as it seem normal, and what he didn't expect was that he encounter a girl who need help to remove some rock with a seal on it.

Turned to be Nekomata (Demon Cat) which was sealed by Sakuya, and she was angry at him and ordered him to help her back in order to stop the Nekomata.

Later on, Sakuya reveal that the demon had their Mana, or True Name, which if once said out by the first person, the one who said the name will have total control over them. Interestingly, the Exorcist like Sakuya also had their own True Name and will have the same effect if once said.

The very first and same Nekomata was later gone under Asano's control when he reveal the Nekomata's Mana "Tama". Just becoming the master of a Nekomata, Tama name later on become Tamako and she always get on the nerve of Sakuya.

Tamako is very fond of Asano and will not let anyone get near him if she isn't having any fun. Later on Sakuya's cousin, Sureri, appear and wanted to take Asano as he hold a rare ability, True Sight which can reveal someone's true name by touch.

For Asano, it is by kissing. Also it seem that Souma is the caretaker of both Sakuya and Sureri until they turned adult.

Sakuya main weapons is magic spell and arrow, Sureri summoning spirit to fight for her while Souma create and control dolls / Golem. Also Souma is the one who create the body for the current head of their household.

Got a shock when the current head who is the grandmother of both Sakuya and Sureri can look so young and be so powerful. However, she can be cruel too, though she hold many respect from many sides which the truth seem that they are all afraid of her.

Though later Sakuya won a fight where she can keep Asano, an unexpected kiss between both of them reveal Sakuya's Mana, "Isuca", which so happened to the title of the Manga.

Meaning to say that Asano become the master of Sakuya. But revealing their true name would cause Sakuya be banished from the household, Souma suggest that they get engage and marry in order to cover it up.

It is reveal that the husband and wife reveal their true name to each other, so Souma will try to find Asano's Mana but during the course where they encounter another "Isuca" who is after the life of the current head, and having Sakuya's father appearance when it was rumor that he was dead.

Well, that the bit that I read up which is the latest chapter that I peek just recently. But if you're wonder why I peeked into this story, at first it was due to being the same creator of Shinseiki Evangelion: Ikari Shinji Ikusei Keikaku, which I peeked, and bought the series when it was released. I do find the story plot of Isuca not bad at all.

I can say that there are three girl who are after Asano, though he can be both dense and aware of it. But the problem would be funny as he tend to think dirty or getting into situation where he would get hit by Sakuya.

Also, at first the plot was going a normal pace until the main goal, or arc of the story appear. Still there are some normal Slice of life, or some little lover quarrel around. Of course there are some fighting scene, but since there isn't much chapters yet, so I can't say much.

Still, it not bad for some short Manga Peeking, since the chapters I read is until chapter 21, and I still waiting for more. It did seem as if that it take 1 year to release one volume.

As far as I peeked, do you want to fight demon and discover their Mana to be their Master in Isuca?
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