Friday, February 1, 2013

Coloring my Hair

Chinese New Year is well known for Red color, and so I did having some red on my Hair.

Though I not a Red hair yet, since the color is only visible when shine some light on it.

Well, I do know there are many Red haired Characters who are very powerful and strong, and initially, I was going for Light Copper or Blonde Color.

Well, the boss lady told me to go for Red color instead, since my mum did some highlight with yellow. Well, the red color turned out not bad, though my hair style had change a bit as I had one side slope.

Though I did color my hair the most in my family, occasion for my Imouto, this year however isn't the same as my Mother finally go for the highlight. First time she even color her hair. Well, my dad hair is almost white, so that also considered as coloring since it not black.

I do know that many shops in Singapore will cost have dying, coloring, or highlight Hair at an expensive price, but I got mine less than 30 Bucks.

Well, I known some go and buy the color cream and do it themselves, which is also cheap. But since my hair skin is sensitive  I need to ask the Boss Lady as she got more experiences.

Well, it would really seem that my family is going to have some Color New Year for a start, and I do want to go out for more Walking Session.

Getting Imperial Orders did tired me out, but I do need to get my two walking legs to go out for the walking, and doing some peeking around too. Well, maybe some grabbing around while I'm at it.

As for now, some Anime and Manga peeking.
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