Thursday, November 29, 2012

A small Walking Trip 4

Went to Orchard Road to meet up someone and at the same time, to grab some stuffs along, since I did confirm what I might need to grab from Tuesday Walking Session.

I was looking for some simple small casing to place all my Vocaloid Nendoroid Petiti, and good thing that there are some cheap and nice over at Daiso Japan.

Unfortunately, the biggest size seem wasn't able to fit j the Normal Nendoroid, after trying it with my BRS Nendoroid.

No worry since my Imouto also need them, if she doesn't, I still got some Gacha Little Toy which I can also use on display.

Seem like I will need to look harder if I want to get some nice case box, but since I got the small one, I can use them to display those nice Kawaii Moe Chibi Vocaloid Nendoroid Petiti, and having some Photo-taking Session with them, previously I didn't open them as I was looking for some nice Casing.

I will still open those Nendoroid at later timing since my BRS is very lonely.

Though I might go Orchard Road a lot, I tend to go to a few places only, and depending on my friends preferences.

Even for Dinner, we walk from Orchard to Liang Court for some nice Curry Rice. And for some unknown reason, I starting to eat very slowly.

Used to eat fast and furious, and a lot, but this time I get very full easily. Wonder if I getting too old for this.

But anyway, reached home and time for one or two Anime Peeking before going into Dreamland.

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