Friday, November 2, 2012

Girls Und Panzer

Gāruzu ando Pantsā
Girls und Panzer

Creator - Actas (Studios)


Directed by Tsutomu Mizushima
Produced by Kiyoshi Sugiyama
Music by Lantis
Studio - Actas | Graphinica
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Drawn by Saitaniya Ryouichi
Published in Comic Flapper, Media Factory
1 Volumes [Ongoing]
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Drawn by Tsuchii
Published in Comic Alive, Media Factory
1 Volumes [Ongoing]
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Story Plot started with Nishizumi Miho who comes from a long lineage of Tank Operators, and she got the basic at the tip and back of her hands.

But due to a Traumatic accident during one of the training, she decided to drop Sensha-do (Tank Operating), and transfer to Oarai Girl's High as they do not have Sensha-do.

Though she made 2 new friends on her first day, she was also quick to be pick by the School Council President to join the newly re-instated Shesha-do.

With the greatly benefits given by the new Elective, there were many who wish to join, but in the end got a total of only 21 girls for the Class.

Initially, Miho rejected the offer due to her Traumatic, even when her new friend, Saori Takebe and Hana Isuzu wished to join the fun.

But Miho later accept to join in Sensha-do and during the first day of class, they got a rusty tank right off the story.

With knowledge of Sensha-do, she give her head up that the tanks is still operational, which give relieve to the other students, when they were shocked at first at what tank they were going to use.

With such nice benefits and the great introduction video shown by the Students Councils, it no wonder why the girls wished to join.

Interestingly, their first mission were to find more tanks, and they had to search mountains, school pet garden, river or even mountains cliff for those tanks.

Despite being rusty like Scarp metal, Momo Kawashima, the Students Council Vice President was able to get the Motor Club to get the Tanks Engines up and running.

The girls each had their own time to wash the rusty tanks first, and I find it amusing at how the class later decorated their tanks.

In Singapore Army, that is not allow, and even the painting of the tanks is very important, but I laughed at just how nice they decorated their tanks, from the outside to the inside to make sure they feel comfortable .

I was later amazed at another school Sensha-do, for drinking tea during friend match. And to think that they take pride in not letting their tea drop despite Tanks movement is rough and unstable.

For the Oarai Girl's High School, their tanks is considered old, but I found it amazing at how those girl can drive and operate those tanks.

Interestingly, Sensha-do seem to be considered as as "Marital Art" for the girls, and that they will felt more Feminine when taking the Elective.

Good thing is that they will be more dependable, and getting Man to fall in love with them.

Getting Tank and Girl mixing for this type of World, I really do want to live in that and fall for them too.

Plus initially I find it funny and amusing at the Title when I initially almost mispronoun Panzer (Pantsa) for Panty (Pantsu). The "Und" in the title is also not wrong despite the name should be "and"

I really like the plot go, like Miho finally showing her skills when taking on one of the Sensha-do National Tournament Runner-up, and managed to get down to their last tank before losing.

Despite their lost, the class learned from their lesson and mistake and fully believe Miho on her tactics and command, since Momo isn't the type to give commands.

At least the class is more united and at least more prepared for the National Sensha-do Tournament, which I wonder if Miho will go up against her Sister, who is said to be one of the best.

Well, will need to see how the story plot go, and I find the battle match for the early episodes to be very nicely done. I also laugh at the part where Shop Owners like to have their shop destroyed during the battle, so they can renovated a new one.

Another amusing thing that caught me off guard is that they are all on living on a a Very Very Big Sailing Ship, which can hold Mountains and many Towns.

When I though Miho is in one big Ship, that is actually even bigger than the one they are in.

And during Tournaments or Friendly Matches, they had to travel back to Lands in order to start their match.

This Anime series just got me Sparkly Eye Activated and really wanted to watch more of the coming episodes.

Mixing Girls and Tanks really paid it off for the Creators, and they earned my Praise for it, for the Story Plots, The Battle of the tanks, Jokes / Gags and the Slice of life.

As far as I peeked, Do you want to sign up for the Sensha-do Class and join in the Fun and Tournament in Girls Und Panzer?

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