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False Love

Creator - Komi Naoshi


3 Volumes [Ongoing]
 -> 36 Chapters so Far
Published in Weekly Shonen Jump, Shueisha
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Story Plot started with Raku Ichijou, Son of the Yakuza Family Head, and of course, pretty much to his own dismay.

Due to being weak, and grown up to be a "Good Man", he decided not to be the Second Master of the Yakuza Family, and only wanted to leave and be a Civil Servant with a civilized Job after graduation from an Ivy League College.

Despite being a Yakuza, they are pretty much rich, and the "underlings" always get Raku to school as a group, and tend to scare off his school mates, which is why he got a bad reputation, and having a hard time making friends.

He was later informed that there was a new gangster in town, which the underlings are fighting, with one got his ear shot off. And right after that, he encounter a newly transferred in Student, Chitoge Kirisaki.

Of course, right off the bat, they got started off with many bad starts, and even fight or shout with each other in front of many other students. And due to that, they were group together, much to their dismay, since Chitoge got her first impression "foiled" by Raku.

Despite their differences, Raku still help Chitoge with Notes, but he get punches and hits as rewards. I like the part where both of them having Couples Quarrel, which got many students wondering if they are dating each other.

Of course, Raku did lost his pendant whom he promised a girl 10 years later they will get marry after meeting again. And Chitoge was forced to help him find it, since it was the first accident that caused him to drop it somewhere.

As they both had to stay back to find it, it was this incidents that caused the rumor to fly around. In the end it was Chitoge who found it, and both thought they will never face each other again.

Thanks to his love crush, Kosaki Onodera, he was able to continue to keep his promise he made 10 years, as he did wanted to give up.

Later on, Raku learnt that he must date the gangsters' Head's daughter, in order to make peace for both side underlings. And much to his dismay, turned out to be Chitoge, whom both must date for 3 years, even if they must fake it.

Since both sides are on odd with each others, they were at each other neck, which scared the hell out of both Raku and Chitoge, who promised their Dads to "fake" their loves and go on with Dating.

They did went a trial of questioning by their underlings, which almost got them to see blood, and also, if they ever break up with each other, Bloody Wars will happen.

Their underlings are very simple-minded, since they "worship" both Raku and Chitoge, and are very happy to know both are dating. Due to the "fake" dating, they decided to put aside their differences with each other, which was the plan of both Heads.

Interestingly, when both went for their first "Forced" date, they got stalked by their underlings, though pretty much to their dismay. Even if they hate each other and always fight, it can be seem that both got some feelings for each other, since they both help each in most situations.

Claude, who is overly protective of Chitoge, tend to get Raku in many difficult spots, and even sending his "son", Seishiro Tsugumi to kill him. Well, due to some problems later on, Seishiro fell in love with Raku.

Seishiro is actually a hit-man trained Daughter of Claude whe thought it was a boy when he adopt her, and it was pretty much found out by many, including Shuu Maiko and Ruri Miyamoto, Raku's friends and classmate.

Kosaki later learnt that Raku and Chitoge are faking their loves, which was spread around the school like Wild Fires, much to her pleasures as she got a crush on him too.

Interestingly, it was thought that Kosaki was the girl that Raku made promised 10 years ago. Despite the hints around, the Creator decided to play a plank and show that Chitoge too had a keys.

Well, at that point, Chitoge already got feelings for him, which she do not fully understand why and how, even wondering why her anger and temper got better of her, when he got in situation that are so easily mistaken,

Amazingly, it also noted that Raku, Chitoge and Kosaki were childhood friends, who play along so well, they forgotten about it. Both Chitoge and Kosaki did mentioned that they get along very well, and Raku was there wonder who he made the Promise with.

Despite being in love with Kosaki, Raku did help Chitoge in many situations and even care for her, which got both Kosaki and Seishiro "Jealous". Another note, I was very shocked at how Seishiro can be very girly and shy when she near Raku.

Raku did have some feeling back for Chitoge, but I find it funny when he blushed when near Kosaki and Seishiro too. But I find that Chitoge tend to get more Jealous and Serious than any girls when she found out Raku might be the boy she fell in love when she was young.

IF one think that 3 girls is more than enough for Raku, think again, AND my praise for the Creator for playing so many planks in this story which not only cause many funny misunderstandings, but also did make one considering who is the right girl for Raku.

Best still, Harem for Raku since he is a Yakuza Head's Son!

Anyway, the third girl who might be the girl whom he made promised also appeared just recently in chapters.

Turned out, despite making plans for both Raku and Chitoge to date, in order to let both Yakuza and Gangster to make peace, he did promised the Police force head to let Raku marry his daughter, Marika Tachibana!

Having 3 keys, and yet to confirm who is the right girl, Raku told all 3 girls together, which shocked all 3 of them. Due to all having a different keys, they are wondering about the promise which they all made 10 years ago.

Turned out all of them forgotten, though

Seishiro did not made the promised, since she did not have any keys, but I won't find it surprising if the Creator decided to go create a Key out of nowhere for her.

A love crush on Kosaki, a fake love with Chitoge, a love crush from Seishiro, and an arranged Marriage with Marika.

All this is enough to get him hated by the boys all around the school, though I wonder if Raku ever considered what if his pendant is opened by another keys.

I also wonder what will happened to the other girls, if only one of them turned out to his destined one.

Pretty much like how Raku and Chitoge are having a Love-Hate Relationship, but as far as I peeked, I did found that they stand to be honest with each other more than other girls.

Kosaki being shy all the time, and Seishiro running off or hitting Raku sometimes, and Marika attacking aggressively. I wonder which girl will get their affection from Raku. Chitoge is also showing her affection towards Raku too.

Made me wonder if their Fake Date will one day turn into a real one, since their Dads did mentioned they might like each other "Someday"

With Raku's Dad making 2 mistakes, I wonder if he did promised a third one, since 1 being Gangster's Head and other from Police Force. I won't be surprised if the third one appear out of nowhere. But it will get Raku get hated more.

Well, I did peeked into this Manga since it first launched, and been following it ever since, as I really like this type of Love story - Weird but Interesting, Funny and Good.

I did laugh a few times when I peek at those Gag jokes, plus it did made me wanting to peek more for each chapters to appear. Pretty much one of those Mangaka which made me hate them for getting such nice climax, but let me like them for reading such interesting Manga Story plot.

D-Gray Man and Skip Beat are also one of Series where I hate and like the Mangaka. There are many other series too, but not all got me having some "Love-Hate" for the Mangaka. And I find this a very refreshing Manga, away from those One piece and Naruto which I peeked weekly.

So have you decided to step in a Fake Love Battle in Nisekoi?
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