Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Peeking Around again 5

July past by so fast, and August is here.

Honestly, I been helping my dad, and standing under the Sun most of the days were more than enough to make me a Roasted Snake.

I do want to peek at Manga and Anime, and playing some games, which I wonder where the energy come from though.

Even so, early sleep is very important.

Just recently starting playing back PSP, and some PS3 games, and it seem like I got rusty from not playing!! ∑(O_O;)

As much as I want to do some simple review, today I will just do some peeking around on Anime. Based on some pictures down here, you would probably know what I been peeking around.

If not, just peek back on this site at a later date, since I updated daily, and hopefully 2 if I got the time. Been helping dad, which is kind of tiring.

At least I don't get nag around.

Another thing I been doing is the Figurine Report and Sunday Report which is my common post since I last restarted posting.

It just some simple chatting from me, which I provide links in the words, bold in light blue color, so if you wondering why some words are bold, they are most probably link done by me.

Also, I going to grab up some new stuffs, so currently not touching my Money Plants.

I wonder how many Anime and Manga gotten me Sparkly Eye Activated, each time I take a peek around during my walking session.

Anyway, might be on a very low profile for a while, so I most probably will be posting on some past Manga and Anime which been peeking around.

Also, there are a few manga which I peeked and yet to post them on. And to think that I yet to complete all the games in my collection!

Another thing to note for Peekers too, My Sunday Report is mostly summary of the week, so it just like doing some linking back to the posts. And as for Peeking around, it like giving a head up.

For now, time for Past Anime and Manga Re-Peeking again!!! \(^o^)/
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