Saturday, July 21, 2012

Grabbin' Some Stuffs 3

This time was a big grab with Clean hands again this time.

Yup, a set of Spare parts for the CPU, which the spec. of each parts is enough to get any Sparkly Eye Activating.

With a big help from a friends, and recommendation on each Spare parts, need to set a good CPU for my imouto usage.

It got my Sparkly Eye Activate, and Greenery Eye Activated.

Got them all from Sim Lim Square (at Bugis, Singapore), since it more better to get the good spec, but one must know the basic first, else will be wasting more money instead.

Due to 1 bag being rusty on those metal parts, and one having the zipper spoiled, this grab another nice Zinc bag at Lot 1, though it make of Cloth and leather. ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

I don't like putting stuffs into my pocket, since I got the habit of dropping them a lot. And at least I can put in some more stuffs like Tissue packet, and some other Stuffs. ψ(`∇´)ψ

But it seem like this time, I got a sightly bigger than the one I been using. and it nice and good to use.

And it seem like the way I carrying this bag shocked my imouto, though my mum and me find it normal.

Clean hands also grab one Water Seat and one mini cooking pot for usage too.

Funny thing that I actually get used to sitting at this water seat very fast, since it got water which is very cooling, and nice to sit on. Before getting this, the Ikea chair I got was pretty hot when I sit for too long.

Even so, it is recommended not to sit for too long, since the blood circulation will slow down in some way. As for how the reason, I not sure about, since I was told by my doctor.

Made me remember one boss of mine who can sit in his Cave for very very long, and not moving from the same spot for hours!

Well, after grabbing so much, time to peek at some nice Manga and Anime. (`・ω・´)”
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