Monday, July 2, 2012

Mada's Figurines Report 2 July 2012

Today's Monday, and of course we do need somethings that is very healthy for our eye to kick start this week.

And I was actually wondering what made up to the ranking in Amiami, before I go on for some walking session for this week too!

Samurai Katanako @Amiami

It been sometime since I last played a DS, which I bought mainly for just playing Pokemon, though I was wonder just how nice this figurines from the 7th Dragon did come out.

A very standing nice pose, which is very unlike from the one from the game, and just one stare from her is more than enough to make you think that she is very Kawai or Moe. Very healthy to the eyes indeed!

The sequel 7th Dragon 2020 (released last year) is on PSP, which I bought so I can play many games, though currently I playing Tales of the World, Project Diva and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Other than that, I normally play my PS3 instead.

Normal I would grab a bottle of plain water, though sometime I would use a Cup, but maybe a normal wouldn't harm me in any way.

Yui Hirasawa Cup @Amiami

I wonder if there would be other K-On Character Cups to be release later on, though since it seem the Ceramic material do make it a good cup for more Coffee with a packet of sugar!

I do need the sugar for some thinking, especially when I want to blog.

For those who wondering how I can think up so much thing; a packet of sugar is more than enough for me, I do need to keep my sugar level in control though. Nevertheless, my brain will still burn them out as soon as I start thinking.

I used to watch Pretty Cure, and since then, I would be lying if I said I not amazed or shocked at how much it had Evolved!

Like Yu-gi-oh in some plot, like each story plot having a different Main Characters, but having the same thing of being a Normal High School Girl who are Mahou Shojo in disguise.

Cure Muse @Amiami

I wonder just how many characters there is after I take a little peek at Wikipedia, and I prefer not to count, even if I once score an "A" for my Math tests when I was still studying.

But I do know that, there're so many pretty color though.

Another cute figurine which caught my Sparkly Eye over the facebook was Rouna.

Rouna @Amiami

The clumsy yet reliable Maid is there to help when you need one, and her cuteness is very healthy to the eyes.

I must say that I do like Tony Taka arts, which most of them are really cute, and the Shining Hearts so far is one of my favor anime currently which I am peeking on.

If I never peek into this show, or know what "She" is, I would go and say this is a "He".

Well, Saber from Fate got (erm...) small chest, which I mistaken her when she go and wear a black suit and look so Cool!

Saber @Amiami

She sure can get many Sparkly Eye activate, with healthy benefit to the eyes too. What made me surprise about this is that this Chibi mode really look very cute.

Making another cuteness would be Nyaruko which I was shocked to notice the "string of hair" can be customize.

Nyaruko @Amiami

I actually got my Sparkly Eye activated when I saw just how cute this character is, and even if you say she's angry.

I wouldn't mind getting this one, though my imouto admitted today that she had yet to get my birthday present, which was like 2 months ago.

As much as I love listening to May'n's Universal Bunny over and over again, I do like this figurines who look just so sexy.

Sheryl @Amiami

Not sure whether she will sing and dance for you, but looking at her is more than enough. I do wonder how daring is she in the first place, though not as revealing as this warrior though.

I do like Macross Frontier and I do peek into this Anime for a few times, though I prefer to listen to the song instead.

With some Atelier games series on the loose, it just  a matter of time, before the figurines take a walk outside.

Totori @Amiami
Rorona @Amiami

Pretty much like the arts in the games, I really like how cute they get when they stand out as Figurines.

Best be careful of their magic though, if you're going to attack them. They might attack with their Kawai Moe face which can made you get some blood down your nose.

Mirror, Mirror, next to this figurines, Tell me. Who the cute girl that is kneeing down?

Alice @Amiami

Not sure who she is, but what got my sparkly eye is how there is a mirror for this figurine indeed.

Well, the dress is more likely to catch my eye instead, but anyway if you want a mirror peeking, you might want to grab this instead, though I not sure she will peek at you or not.

So any figurines down here got your Sparkly Eye activated?

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