Thursday, July 19, 2012

Assassination Classroom

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

Assassination Classroom

Creator - Yusei Matsui

Series - Ongoing
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Want some new short story to start peeking, than try killing this Alien-born and yet lived in Earth Sensei, known as KoroSensei (pun on Unkillable[KoroSenai])

Find it interesting to peek it myself, and something new as I wonder how a Octopus looking Alien become a Sensei for human

 Story Started with the abandoned Class (3-)E, which stand for The "E"nd of the famous Kunugigaoka Middle School.

KoroSensei, after destroying the Moon and causing it to be in Permanent Crescent Shape, decided to teach Class E before destroying the Earth on their Graduation Day.

Normal Gun or Knife just bounced off his skin, having the speed of Mach 20, and being very very Clever, he was the most dangerous "Thing", and also made a deal with the world government.

But funny thing is, normal rubber knife or BB pellet, which is harmless against human, was his weakness. And yet he got no intention to be killed.

Though for some "thing" flashback, he seem to hold a secret, and about something on teaching students.

Amazingly, though many students attended to kill him, they failed with Korosensei trying to cool in front of them. And yet, the students can learn from something from Korosensei teaching.

Though the plot is based on the whole of Classroom Students, and Korosensei, it did seem like Nagisa will be the main character, and the narrator of the story.

Well, he is one observant who can take note of Korosensei habit and weakness, which they used it against Korosensei most of the time.

Well, Korosensei is pretty petty, so if an assassination is almost success, he will give punishment like from more homework to threatening the students.

Despite peeking on 3 chapters, I do like peeking at this interesting plot about an Alien-born-Earth teaching the Abandoned Class E before the End of the Earth in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu. Have it got your Sparkly Eye Activate?
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