Saturday, July 14, 2012

Biting up some Food 4

Again, cooking up another tasty food which I kind of good at; Spaghetti.

This is a very very easy to cook, and good for Mass Biter. Also, the ingredient is very easy to grab.

Nowadays, many soups or sauces are made prepared, noodles very instant, and additional stuffs all frozen ready to use.

As for me? I throw everything in without thinking, though interesting and amazing the bite is very nice instead.

Some milk mixing in with a can of Campbell Soup, adding in Sausages (cutting with a scissors) and with one nice Toufu in.

Throw in some cracky egg later, for thickening it more, and mix it with the noodles.

Here your go, Mada's Style Spaghetti! (MSS for Short), but kindly do not mix it with other type of MSS (^v^ ;)

Well, easy right?

All take take a bit of time, but taking some patience, adding in some Love, and good old mix of easy to grab stuffs, you can cook a nice tasty bite, but please do taste it before serving them though.

Well, even there are time when the bites I cooked, can even taste bad.

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