Friday, July 13, 2012

A small Walking Trip 2

This was with me for the whole trip
If you really wondering where I been yesterday, I going to list them all out;

Dawn/Morning - Helping Dad at Yishun

Afternoon - Starting point at Orchard MRT

Mid Afternoon - Reached Plaza Singapura by walking only, detours to SunShine Plaza

Late Afternoon - Reached Funan IT Mall by walking again

Dusk - Go to Bugis (via MRT) with Imouto after meeting up

Night - Home via Bus

Well, without stopping to take a rest for the whole afternoon, of course my legs almost give way a few times, though they are very steady to hold on for my walking session.

Here a little peek of my Overall Walking trip yesterday.

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Giant Bunny Spotted
It was a good walking trip for me to start right after helping dad, and there were some stuffs which got my Sparkly Eye activated.

Even a Giant Bunny which appear in front of Singapore Arts Museum got many Peekers gathering. (*w* ;)

Due to it big size, I had to cross the street and took this photo; I was using an Iphone. And lucky it fit into my catching range.

Well, this walking trip was very long, so I walked alone this path. (=x= |")

Say: "Ahh~!"
Actually, got one nice Pink cup gotten from my lunch at McDonald, which accompany me for the whole walking trip.

Since I walking in a strange ways, the cups got swing around and about, and even so, I didn't got any passerby peeking at me.

As for Dinner, some Teppan Omelette Rice to fill me with some Fuel for Night Walking Trip. Well, due to Dad's imperial Order, the night one was cut short.

I did meet up with my imouto for dinner after her lesson, and went for some peeking at one of my Favor peeking site; Le TenDo. (@Homepage)

Yup, I did mentioned sometime ago, I do go around peeking for some stuffs myself.

One of my favor Peeking site
The people from Le TenDo are very kind and helpful, and they do let me take some photo of the galleries there.

Will post them up for nice peeking, and sharing at a later timing/date. (≧▽≦*)

Some of my figurines are bought from here, and since it just in front of a Maid Cafe, it a Paradise for anyone.

After peeking, a cup of coffee is waiting, though I was meeting up with my Imouto to go to Bugis to grab some stuffs, so maybe next time.

Miku do has her Emo period
I also did some Manga/Anime Peeking myself, and of course some new Series got my Sparkly Eye activated.

But even so, still busy doing some stuffs, even though I been label NEET. Yup, my dad been receiving calls from someone of  Manpower checking on my statue.

I wonder if anyone would believed me if I mentioned about sending in many many resume over past months, and not getting any reply. ((( ̄へ ̄井)

But having my imouto saying "When many are working or at lessons during this timing, You're the only one is walking instead" made this kind of funny as if there aren't any other who having walking trip like me.

Well, Window Shopping is one of my hobbies too (#/。\#)

As for now, do you have plans for A Small little Walking Trip?
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