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Binbougami Ga!

Binbō-gami ga!

God of Poverty!

Creator - Yoshiaki Sukeno


Published in Jump Square, Shueisha
13 Volumes so far [Ongoing]
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Directed by Yoichi Fujita
Plot by Taketo Shimoyama
Music by Masashi Hamauzu
Studio - Sunrise
4 Episodes so far [Ongoing]
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Story plot start with Sakura Ichiko, a super Lucky, Rich, Beauty and Clever person who seem not having to work hard for herself.

Getting all the Boys' affection from all the other girls, and earning Girls' jealously.

What many didn't know, including Sakura herself, is that she can absorb all Fortune, Happiness and positive energy from her surround people, and using as her own.

This come as a double-edge swords, as those she hold dear will have their absorb too.

Despite having all the boys' affection, and girls' jealously, Sakura in fact, is a lonely girl, and her current Self-centered Ego come about from her trauma past when she was young.

In order to balance the energy which is disturbing the world, Momiji the Poverty God come to take the energy back and returning them to the right owners.

But Sakura isn't going to let Momiji do her jobs as easy as it say, since Sakura do not want her luck to be taken away.

Interestingly, with help from Sakura's abnormal fortune, she was able to get away most of the time, which pissed Momiji a lot, though some was due to Momiji's own Misfortune.

But of course Momiji isn't to going to sit down, and even go beyond as transferring into Sakura's Class, despite her own age. Yup, She's a God, so she is actually very very old.

Even though Momiji did warn about Sakura's own abilities, she heed nothing, which later come to hurt Sakura a lot, as she almost lost her favorite butcher, Suwano, who been taking care of her since young.

She "fired" him, and let him retired due to his old age, and amazingly, he got marry. As far as I peeked till Volumes 13, which Batoto and MangaReader only show up to 6 Volumes, I was shocked to know that Suwano is a very good in combat, though his cooking is terrible.

Suwano's wife is another very good in combat too, despite her look. What to say? Respect your Elders!!

Later on the story, Bobby (illegal immigrant and a perverted monk) and Momoo Inugami (Masochistic Chihuahua Dog God) join in the fun.

Bobby tend to get in trouble due to his pervert ways, though he is the creator of many "Holy" item which help Sakura and her friends a lot later on.

Momoo, despite a masochistic and listen to Momiji only, later on turn his master, after knowing that Sakura is not as bad as Momiji initially described. 

Ranmura Rindou, a Butch, Manly girl who dress like a school Delinquent, wrapping some "bandages" around her chest area, but unbutton her coat. Until her arriving into the story, Sakura would most probably still continue not to have friends, and Momiji wouldn't have a change of heart too.

Momiji initially wanted Sakura to show many other her "True Face", and letting her to have more people she will hold dear, so she will give up on her positive energy on her own.

But all was set back to her, who was shocked to know what really happen in Sakura's case. Which all linked back not only to her trauma past, but to her parents too.

Sakura's Positive Energy Absorbing abilities initially come about from her parents who were very poor at first, and thing started to change when they have their first born, Sakura. Dad later on was scouted and become famous Vocalist, though I not sure about her Mum, since the book say she is doing business.

Due to both of their busy-tight schedules, Sakura grow up never been with her parents, whom she cries from young till hate them at current. With help from her friends, she had so far reconcile with her dad though, as he was able to come back to Japan, as his concert was there. Well, initially he had to bear Sakura's hate first.

The funniest thing I ever peek so far, despite Sakura's abnormal positive energy, her cook is so horrible, anyone including gods, will "Die" from one bite.

Keita Tsuwabuki, who appear very early, is Sakura's love interest, along with Ranmaru and Adenokouji Nadeshiko (A "ninja" and Keita's "Stalker")

Thanks to Nadeshiko, Keita who is good-looking but gain no girls' affection, even if there is, she will "hunt" them down.

Sakura and Keita got off a very very bad start, and for some unknown reason, they do not go well at first, though Sakura though him as rich as first, and wanted his affection. Keita in fact is poor, who had to work part-time to earn for his family, and even do not accept Sakura's money at first.

Well, all start to change slowly though.

Interestingly, both Sakura and Keita start to show sign of affection to each others, much to Suwano's dismay, as he mentioned once that he will "Crash" those boys who come near Sakura.

He later accept him, a little though.

Sakura initially got her first love interest, though it was due to her "Friend" who use trickery in order to break both Sakura and the boy up.

This caused trauma in Sakura not to trust anyone except herself, as she was afraid to be betrayed once again, and it was later at the same time when Sakura start to be Self-centered too.

Despite her Strong and Fierce look, and acting Graceful and Cool in School, Sakura in fact is a weak-willed and lonely person.

Momiji also later started to change her plan of taking Sakura's positive energy in one scope, to later Sakura slowly letting her positive energy to other.

This help many of those near Sakura, including Suwano and Keita's youngest brother who both almost die from serious Heart Attack or Injuries.

Momiji also aware that her negative energy is also enough to cause problem in the real world, but a clean shower will remove all them,  though she will die later on if she didn't get dirty again. Funny thing to know here is that Momiji is very very good in cooking despite her abnormal misfortune.

Later in Manga, Sakura was target by many other God's due to her positive energy. And though many  failed due to her friends.

As far as I peeked, initially I wonder about Sakura's way of doing thing, and hate Momiji's on getting her ways, but all change later on, which even Momiji's Gods friends mentioned that she had changed.

Yup, even as it not her duty, Momiji decided on to help Sakura, and change her way of life, whom Suwano cried as he was happy to know that Sakura was back to the way she once was.

Despite their frequent quarrel, Sakura actually like Momiji's accompany, and unwittingly, was the one who help Sakura to have true friends, reconciled with her dad, and letting her be herself again.

Praised to the creator on 2 things, thinking up of gadgets, which is like Doramon, including the way of explaining the usage was very interestingly.

The other is the gag on using other type of Manga as a example to crack their joke. I almost fall off the chair and laugh when I peek at the part where Sakura become a "Muscle Man" just to crack an half-boiled egg, much to many dismay.

I also think Rindou played the biggest part to letting Sakura in making friends with other girls, due to Rindou knowing Sakura's past, and was the one who willing to go against all odd just for her. Maybe due to her way of doing thing, that is why she was the one who is able to open up Sakura's heart first. But I find it shocking when she look so beauty when dress like a girl, with help from Sakura and Momiji.

Well, enough Spoilering around, since I had reveal a lot which most on-line had yet to reveal, including Anime, so I will stop for now, and I had highlight most of the important stuffs from the 13 Volumes.

With so much interesting and funny thing to peek on, are you going to step into the Unbalance World between Fortune/Positive and Misfortune/Negative Energy in Binbougami Ga! yet?
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