Monday, July 23, 2012

Mada's Figurines Report 23 July 2012

Not too long since I last peek into Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari, something over at Amiami site got me Sparkly Eye Activated.

Senjougahara @Amiami
Hachikuji @Amiami

What got me surprise was that this 2 figurines which were created from Hajime Ueda designing style, which appear in the Anime ED.

Initially when I peek at the anime, apart from the anime song, the ED also got me Sparkly Eye Activated due to it unique animation and style.

Though one might not find it surprising about a figurine based on that art, I find it very refreshing.

Not like I wanna get pinch by a crab or get lost by a snail, but I had to admit my Clean hands do want to grab both of them, since one call around 3500 Yen.

Well, I do want to have a nice Maid looking robot to help clean my room, though it seem like RAcaseal of Phantasy Star Online most probably blast a hole instead. (/。\)

RAcaseal @Amiami
Saber Maid Ver. @Amiami
Nanael @Amiami

I'm sure many would like to listen to the "Welcome back/home, Master/Lady", which one can commonly hear in most Maid Cafe.

I was informed that just listening to one maid saying that is very healthy to the ear, which explained why the feeling was different before and after I entered the entrance of the Cafes. (once in Japan, and twice in Singapore.)

I wouldn't deny if I dream of someone cosplaying as Saber in Maid suit, since she can be a good bodyguard too.

With her skills, I'm sure I almost step beyond the Thin Red Line, which at least better than wishing Nanael the Angel.

Despite her helpful and kind appearance, Nanael bring more troubles and problems than one can wish for. (;° ロ°)

Even so, Dirts are enemy whose must be eliminate from my room and even from the house. not like I will be called a Cleanness Freak.

Never fail to peek again (legally) is girl in their swimsuits and ready to take a dip into some water.

I am aware there are some figurines who can remove their clothing, including of their underwear/swimsuit. But I don't such figurines any in my room though.

But since it still summer, so go for a sip in to cool from the hot weather is a very good idea, though I don't like to go to swimming pool or beach. Normally I take a good cold shower instead.

It not like I will get to see some Pirates ship sailing across over the ocean or having some Girl with "tentacles" hair serving me food when I go into the shop at the beach.

I'm sure many know that peeking at girl is healthy to the Ear, though best not to peek for too long. ⊙▂⊙

Also, it seem like it a good time to faster finish up some of my PS3 games which I almost forgot having them in my bookshelf.

I been peeking over at some Anime and Manga again, which I will do some quick and short review over them again starting tomorrow.

Well, seem like today will be taking a early nap.

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