Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 22 July 2012

This time around did a lot of  grabbing with Clean hands, and the cost of each grab is not cheap at all.

From Manga book to Computer Spare parts, and there were many walking and peeking session around Orchard Road, Bugis and City Hall.

Well, Walking legs is very not tired at all. It good as exercising anyway.

But the timing of each walking seem to appear from noon though till late night.

My imouto need a good usage computer for her 3-D modelling, so went to grab some spare parts with recommend and help from a friends.

Sad thing is that her spare part is way better then what I using.

Yup, my spare part all very very low end, so it just for normal usage, which is like for blogging and peeking at some manga.

Also, other than peeking at Manga and Anime, also peek at LaTenDo, where I peek at some nice Figurines.

Other than peeking at Amiami site, and reviewing what got my Sparkly Eye Activated over at my Figurine Report.

If you wanna take some peek over at the shop, you may also ask the kind person down the shop cashier for assistance.

That including Permission to take photo, though they normally agree to it.

Even so, this week peek at 2 manga, which I initially mistaken the words "Sensei" on the title of the manga.

Though one is Classroom, and other got Sensei in the title, it 2 different type of story plots, and I just learnt that the "Sensei" stand for "BattleStar"

Well, I wonder why the Classroom of students need to assassinate their "Alien-born-Earth" Octopus-looking Teacher.

Well, also did some clearing over my room too, but for now, time to do some planning beforehand.
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