Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Peeking around again 3

As much as I did a lot of peeking over Amiami and making a little report like the one I did yesterday, I do go out to the library to take a simple peek.

I am a Random person who take a peek over a random book, and if you just take a peek by chance, than congratulate; you just reading a random post.

If you did peek at my blog for some time, than you are a regular than a random Peeker.

Sometimes, I do wonder why I think of random stuffs, which can be not linked the stuffs I doing.

Though, some of the random stuffs can become a part of my Common Knowledge, which is why I do take a peek over Wikipedia on some stuffs.

Other than that, I do peek over at some Manga taken out of my bookshelf. Though I don't go into random peeking when it come to Manga.

Anime wise, I do a little peek first and see if it will activate my Sparkly Eye first.

Currently still doing some nice little report, and one being on thinking up some nice idea for Danny Choo's reports, which he kindly give a chance to all.

I wonder why he starting to write up a report though, my reason for my Figurine or Sunday Report were mentioned somewhere here or there.

First Sunday Report @Nagakun
First Figurine Report @Nagakun

Yup, Sunday report was first introduced as a fresh new life to this blog to sum up everything I peek or did at Sunday, which is mostly the end of the week.

Figurine Report, well, due to the reason that I been putting random title for Figurine, I decided to standardize the title to one, for easy reference to the Peekers and myself. And I don't really like thinking up so many different title.

As for now, I do need to do my own stuffs for this week, so look like it going to be very little peeking around, but it not going to stop me on peeking on Manga and Anime! (*w* ;)

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