Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 1st July 2012

Today is mark the 1st of July, which got many things that happen, or happening, such as Someone's birthday.

Or some past history such as;
"Tokyo City merges with Tokyo Prefecture and is dissolved. Since then, no city in Japan has had the name "Tokyo" (present-day Tokyo is not officially a city)." from Wiki.

If you wish to find out more about 1st of July, you might just wish to take a little peek over Wikipedia, which I always take a simple little peek that last me over hours and hours of peeking. (@Wiki)

My Ice Cream Binocular
Also, I did peek into some nice figurines, and there are more to come, since those site never failed to update, or stop their mass posting of more figurine.

Even I had to give my thumbs up for Danny Choo!

Mada's Figurine Report 25/06/12

Of course, all depend on how many figurines which can get my Sparkly Eye Activate which I take a little peek around those sites.

But even so, I do need some sweet and cold tasty bite to fill in my stomach and brain before I go into more peeking around. Rest assure, despite all the peeking around, I do not went beyond the Thin Red Line which is considered as Crime, like Peeking at Girl when they taking a shower/bath.

What a nice Breeze
I'm just a curious cat who tend to get my Sparkly Eye activated when I find thing very interesting, and lost interest as soon as I find it boring, which is very fast as a bullet train!

Though I do play with Xiong Mao just to kill off my boredom, but it depend on my mood, since I would just go Manga/Anime Peeking, or Walking Session.

My imouto did given her restriction about taking Xiong Mao out beyond the Thin Red Line.

I did forgot to mentioned that the Plastic net Flame wasn't only meant for keeping Xiong Mao in only, but it also used to keep other stray Neko out, since some Neko are so hardworking to the point of climbing all the way to the 9th Floor to get some bite from us.

I still peeking on them
There is one which use the lift which is so convenient, which shocked many other, and/or having some who don't believe about Neko taking a lift just to get up.

Though I did peek into Manga, and some re-peeking into some Anime, since some of the Season 2 just out.

Tomorrow is cleaning Sessions, since Dirt and Duct never stop working. I still post on some of the anime which I peeking, so if you're interested, you can come and take a little peek.

Otherwise, you can just hop over to streaming site to peek the anime straightaway. I don't go and post the whole story out when I peek about the Anime or Manga.

She still hugging on to her Dakimakura
Everyone got a different view or point when they peek into the Manga/Anime, which is one of the reason why people are unique to themselves.

I don't really like to force people and do take in excuse, even if they're lame or what not. Though I do got some friends who is the opposite of those.

Sometime, even without my family or friends telling me, not working do bug me, though I wondered if they ever think just how many resumes I been sending in.

Today do marks me being a NEET for about 10 months. (#/。\#)

I don't regret those since I get to post my blogs and do some Manga and Anime Peeking for about 6 months, yup, after my friend managed to help me get my current computer all set up.

My thanks to my friend, and I really do thanks to those who peeked into my blogs since I restarted posting. If you're one of them, my thanks to you.

As for now, More peeking around! (*w* v)

Good day~!

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