Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rinne no Lagrange

輪廻のラグランジェ Flower declaration of your heart 
Rinne no Raguranje 
Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne 

Creator - Xebec | Production I.G


Rinne no Lagrange - Flower Declaration of Your Heart
Drawn by IsII
Published in Big Gangan, Square Enix
1 Volumes [Ongoing]
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Rinne no Lagrange - Akatsuki no Memoria
Drawn by Yoshioka Kimitake

Published in Young Gangan, Square Enix
1 Volumes [Ongoing]
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Directed by Tatsuo Sato
Studio - Xebec (Animation) | Production I.G (production)

Season 1 - 12 Episodes [Completed]
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Season 2 - 1 Episodes [Just set Flight, Ongoing]
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OVA - Set Flight on 23 August 2012

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Developed/Published by Namco Bandai Games
Game type - Mecha
Console - PS3
Set Flight on 23 August 2012 (Yes, it come out with the OVA)

Story Started with Madoka Kyouno, who is the only members in the Famous Jersey Club, which main purpose is to helps out other clubs.

Main dress code is Jersey, those swimsuit come along with it (Just kidding).

A very helpful, sporty and happy go lucky girl, who got the attention of many people, and most of all, her way of action, which was influenced by her Aunt, Youko Nakaizumi, researcher on some underwater archaeology and a former member of the Jersey Club.

 It do seems like her Aunt did taught her some wrestling moves, which later on she used while piloting a "Strange" Robot. (*-* ;)

 I had to go and laugh very hard when I never though a big machine being taken out by a German Suplex. Try getting Gundam to do that as a daily basis. (*w* ;)

Even so, the way the Alien Princess Lan, or known by a very long name Fin E Ld Si Laffinty [フィン・エ・ルド・スイ・ラフィンティ Fin E Rudo Sui Rafinti], come and look for Madoka to pilot the Robot was type of not even in my predictable list.

Didn't really peek into this anime though, and I don't mind getting this anime once out somewhere in Singapore which I doubt there really any.

It really an interesting Anime. (yup there no manga or Light novel before this)

Was recommended by my friend to peek this anime due to the songs being sang by one of the Singers in Macross Frontier, Megumi Nakajima, well, she got some voicing role before like Sakura of Kampfer, and Miku of Akikan.

There're some healthy Fan service, though some younger watchers best be guide properly, since this story is an Arts of Friction, and not like you get to see some really big Robot going around using a wrestling move on another big Robot. (*o* ;)

What amazed me is the pilot seat in the Robot (Vox Aura) which the form of a hovering Motorbike, and despite being inside the Vox, her "surrounding" show the environment.

The Vox also got 2 battle mode forms; spaceship-looking that fly around very fast, and humanoid which can do a German Suplex, which "Stun" a lot of Watchers (be it in the anime characters and/or some who watching the anime).

Since the Season 2 just setting off it flight, after the season 1 was completed in the early of the year, it just proved how great the story is, and even having an OVA and Game to be release on the same date/time.

I sure would like to grab it if possible, though I wonder how the game would be like, since it under the Mecha type.

So, had you decided to take a little (re-)peek into the Vox battlefield of Rinne no Lagrange?
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