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Mada's Figurine Report 30 Jul 2012

Right off the Bat will be one of my Favorite; Black Rock Shooter!!

The Anime Version is what I been waiting for, as due to the part where it come in Hoodie Mode, which was the Moving point of many to start notice of Hoodie!! (Not really)

BRS (Anime Ver.) @Amiami)

Well, she can still remove her Hoodie and show her hair, it still possible. But why don't go into Hoodie Mode!

My Mind is shouting "Just let your Clean hands grab that!!"

As much as I love to, another person just ready to set off; Asuka.

Asuka (Evangelion:3.0) @Amiami

One of my favorite characters since young when I peek into Evangelion, and I do play a few Evangelion series clothes from Uniqlo, since I like the design.

This time, Asuka not only getting ready with her Helmet, it also seem that she got Eye Cover over her left Eye!!

Sure is showing her coolness and beauty at the same time, which match in the way she posing.

With the Sun as hot since now is still Summer, I wonder how come Winter Christmas just felt so near right now!

Kriska @Amiami

I was wondering what the Sculptor is trying to do, but my 100% thumbs up! d(^w^ )

It's Kriska in her normal bikini, but it also come in with her Scarf and a Santa Hat. which one can consider letting her wear during Christmas period.

Sold out over at Amiami Site, so need to peek other site, and let me finish nosebleed first.

Another which got my Sparkly Eye Activated, is those girls from the Shining game series, as the arts are done by Tony Taka.

Aira @Amiami

I really like the characters and the arts, though there are some where they reached over the age limit.

Anyway, this time Aria is ready to use her Ice spells, so be nice to her, so you can hope for maybe some nice Ice shave or even some nice Snow, which would be great.

But best is just cool a little bit under the hot sun in Summer, but the best way with Ice during Summer?

Eating Shaved Ice or some Ice Cream would be the best way out with Aria. Her face is also very healthy to the eye too.

Well, I wouldn't really mind starting to collect some dolls with Nyaruko, even if she is some crawling alien~!

Nyaruko Doll @Amiami 

Like how many dolls which look like Anime Characters which made them very lovable and cute, since I used to be afraid of dolls, with the reason being due to their eye.

That why I like Plush toys! They are just so cute, even if I am a 23 old Male.

What gotten me amazed was how the wig on the dolls can just stand up so nice.

Also, the first toys I received from young were actually plush toys, there weren't much toy cars during my youth, and I used to play Marbles too.

Favorite of many, and gotten me to peek over the manga when it was released; Sena!!

Sena @Amiami

The series is actually a Light Novel in 2009, Manga in 2010 and Anime finally in 2011, which is 1 year in between.

But even so, it actually the title got me interested, and this time, Sena is also ready to give anyone a High-5, though best not to use too much strength when giving her one.

Otherwise, get ready your "PSP" and play with her, since I recently playing back on PSP. (^▽^)

Ready to set flight with her IS - Akatsubaki

Houki (Akatsubaki) @Amiami

Despite the last one to grab her Clean hands over an IS, she sure got the fan of out many, plus the question got me wondering, is how she got her own custom White suit so fast in the anime.

Being the only forth Gen series IS, and an acceleration being the fastest, she sure give the first hit to many, at the damages of 14850 Yen!!

But as far as I peeked, I like how the details of the IS machines, which made it as if it about to set flight! Though don't expect her not to leave your room in ruin. (= x = |||)

If you want some Action, then considering Grabbing an Figma instead, where Actions can be done in many ways.

Tsubasa @Amiami

It did seem like there are many different actions you can expect from a figma, and what gotten me wondering about is just how nice they done in the Hips and Legs. ∑(O_O;)

Despite being Dark and Light, or Black and White for me, Blue is actually my Favor Color since young.

Well, Tsubasa got all 3 colors covered up though, which got my Sparkly Eye Activated right on the spot. d(*w* d)

Gotten sold out very fast is both Nanoha and Fate, which is one of my favorite Anime I peeked.

Fate (Summer) @Amiami
Nanoha (Summer) @Amiami

Loved their first series when I was young, which they also were young too.

Kind of amazed at just how fast they were sold out, still, I would go for Nanoha, as she is my Favorite character in the whole series.

Kind of amazed at first when I first peek at the "Adult" Nanoha, but with the Summer Holiday still happening, I sure many will know the room will be very hot just from how they pose and look.

It also seem like they never change their favor color too, like Fate for Black and Nanoha for White/Blue.

Gotten me Sparkly Eye Activated over just how cute they are is the Chibi mode of the IS girls.

Cecilia @Amiami
Charlotte @Amiami
Houki @Amiami
Rin @Amiami
Laura @Amiami

They sure never failed to amaze me, which is why I loved peeking into the anime again and again.

Also loved how Ichika can get himself really mess up too.

I would love to place those Chibi girls on my table, which would surely made my days, even if that day is bad. ( >w< )

Going for some normal Figurine?
Consider some girls from Aquarion Evol

Mikono @Amiami
Zessica @Amiami

Though Zessica look ready to have some fun, I find Mikono figurine to be what I would prefer, if I am looking for some nice and normal figurines.

Also, the ways she pose and dress, one might consider it normal, and I personally would mistaken someone looking normal even if they cosplay.

In their best suit, it also made me wonder if they are also ready to go on some walking trip.

Though the one ready to go on a walking trip seem to be Rioko.

Rioko @Amiami

As much as she loved to flip Uiharu's skirt most of the time, kind of shocked to see that there is a figurine which look pretty much ready to go out and play, or doing some window shopping.

I would prefer to grab Black Rock Shooter Paper Craft with my Clean hands, or go and take a bath with Hinako.

Frankly saying, I was amazed at how the Boss of Max Factory was label as "Hentai" since the company was named after himself, Max.

Even so, I find it normal since there are many company which got their names in the Company name, plus it a good reminder to many who the "Big Boss" too. d(*w* d)

As for me, I wonder how long Rioko's crepe can last, while she go on her Walking Session.

Want some more in Swimsuit?
Let take a few peek, before I stop for the day.

Ruri @Amiami
Kobato @Amiami
Yasumi (White) @Amiami
Yasumi (Yellow) @Amiami
Jubei @Amiami
Naruko @Amiami

I own about 9 figurines in their swimsuit, though I don't really like going to swim myself, since I normally take a cold shower during the hot weather.

Hot one during cold weather, and there are sure many figurines in their swimsuit, which pretty much make them very hot instead.

With so many figurines to peek on, got any got your Sparkly Eye Activated this time around? d(*w* d)

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