Saturday, July 28, 2012

Breezing through Orchard Road 3

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After helping my dad under the hot sun yesterday, went out and look for my friend to have some walking session around Orchard Road.

This time, grabbed a few stuffs I wanted, since I was Eyeing for some sales from Uniqlo some time ago.

I like the clothes from the shop, since most of my current Tee are from there. Plus, I did grab a few books along with my Clean hands too.

Though I gotten Sick as a result today though.

Went for some peeking around for some Games, and Stuffs. Well, It not like Orchard Road is a common place for me, but because it that I hang out with different batch of friends at the same place.

I wouldn't mind hanging out in Akibahara instead though.

Anyway, there were some stuffs for me to check around, and also Kinokuniya was on 20% discount for members too, so I do grab a few book to peek.

Yup, due to tight budget, I been eyeing for cheap stuffs, before I go and grab them, and of course, I still keeping a few own money for future usage.

Though I predicted that the money will disappear mysteriously from 9 to 11 November this year though. (@Hint

Of course, Orchard Road got a few Anime Shop to peek, and at the same time, I wonder just how Sparkly Eye was Activated when I take a first steps around.

I noticed that I was peeking for Dakimakura Cover unexpectedly.

Anyway, my luck sure run in a funny way though, like turning the new Nisemonogatari Gashapon and getting 3 Senjogahara in one row, which my friend was trying to grab her.

Due to too much walking around, our legs almost give ways, and the feeling of able to sit down was just too great. Though my Sick Feeling got activated, and right now I taking a rest.

You're wondering how I doing a post?

Well, I am able to do things as long as they are not physical, so it alright, though it was a headaches for me when I had to grab my stuffs which was kind of bit heavy. Also, I taken my Holy Pills, so I will get better as soon as I taking some break, and maybe some Manga/Anime Peeking too!

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