Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grabbin' Some Stuffs 2

Tasty bite after a Walking trip
It's been some time since I hang out with one of my friends, who we used to have many walking session along Orchard Road.

Well, he come to take a peek in my room though, since the last time he really peek was what I posted before.

Of course, we went for some peeking and grabbing some stuffs, which I was planning one more times next coming Saturday.

A starting deck to play
Also, need to grab some stuffs, and of course; With my Clean hands. (*°∀°)=3

After so long, from playing Pokemon to Yu-gi-Oh, I finally starting this nice trading card game; Weiss Schwarz.

Still a beginner, and not sure how to play this game though. But I will learn it slowly, though I doubt I'll get a booster pack.

A few minutes after I post my Facebook after grabbing this, I got a immediate call from someone, and honestly, despite choosing some desk, Saber got my Sparkly Eye Activated.

But even after grabbing this, I still need to get some protection for the cards before I start playing this. but learning the rules won't hurt, same go for some other cards games.

Again, since I like peeking at some manga, of course my Clean hands like to grab them before I noticed.

I wonder where my hand is reaching
Well, I do like to peek in some Manga myself, though I still doing some of my stuffs, and having to help my dad though.

I still got the post on Le TenDo to put up here, which I will be doing at a later timing, which I did promised.

Anime and Manga wise, there are many which got my Sparkly Eye Activated, so I will do some peeking, and maybe some little posting.

Though my friend say he can guess what my taste based on what I peek, well, I not going to reveal my secrets that many though.

As for now, need to do some stuffs, before I going to upload some nice Picture on Le TenDo.
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