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Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de

Creator - Aruma Rumi


Published in Gangan Online, Square Enix
1 Volume [Ongoing]

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Note - Title mean
"I am the Demon, She is my Wife"
Story plot start with Anzamnia, an ambitious demon of Hell who have yet to collect a single soul, due to his failure and much to his own dismay.

After getting rejected by the Hell Gatekeeper Riza, Anzam was kicked into Japan to form a contract and collect their souls.

Right off the bat, he met a lonely child, Shimotsuki Uika, who wished to have a family of her own as she's an orphan.

She had seen many of her friends in the orphanage off with their new family, and was lonely as she too want to have a warm family.

Interestingly, her first soul wish is not a family, but to marry Anzam!!

Of course it cause a very big dismay to Anzam, and to a priest.

As a Demon, he is of course weak to anything holy, but interestingly, with the info from what I peeked, it also been hinted that Anzam was once an Angel, who later become a Fallen Angel.

He did "Trick" Uika into forming a contract from him, but it backfired on him since he is forced to marry her, and he had to listen to her wish, due to the contract.

It also seem like the way for the Demon to collect a human's soul is by using their longevity, and the number of years they can live will go down with each wish.

Interestingly, the "Points" can let the Demon to exchange them for stuffs in hell too.

On the third Chapter, they started to live in the Priest, commonly call by many, Satou-Shinpu,

Of course he is against the marriage, and want to break the contract to save Uika's life, but it seem like Uika like Anzam, and did told her classmate about her "Marriage".

Did pissed off one "like to Show Off" girl in class.

Another thing to note is that, despite her age, Uika is great in cooking too, and do get Jealous later on when she knew that Anzam got an crush on Riza.

She also shown great anger when some other demon shown up in their home in order to check on Anzam, and making fun out of him.

But she did get the point that Anzam was a fallen Angel and was thrown into hell with his wings pluck out and a face being unrecognizable.

To get himself out of the trouble he get into, he been trying to get Uika to make as many wishes as possible, but some backfired on him, like "having a wedding at a Church", or "Listen to the Priest".

There are some like "Save the old man's life" and "Sent the other demon home" which he is happy about having Uika's life taken.

But as far I peeked, it may seem like there will be a little turn of events where he may have a change of heart, or maybe not.

So anyway, do you want to make a Soul Contracting Wish with the Demon in Akuyome?

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