Thursday, July 12, 2012

Walking Session with iPhone

Today, first time doing a post using iPhone, since currently I still on walking session, and yet to reach my hiding hole.
Interesting, today walking session, which started right at Yishun, Singapore. A walk from the starting line of Orchard Road, all the to City Hall, with Bugis in between. The walking distance is actually very short, and easy to reach one point to other.

Yup, peeking at many things, and I will share most of the photos here at a later date.

In case you wondering, I gotten the thumb up from LeTendo to take some photo, and to post them online!

Don't expect high resolution or best pictures though, they are taken out with my iPhone, and the figurine behind the Safety Glass.

As for now, take some peek at my previous posts, if you're interested. If not, check back in a few day, and see what I peek, grab, and how long my walking session been.

Good day!
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