Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Entrance which is so hard to Miss
La Ten Do
[Chinese - Le Tian Tang]
La Tendo

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With thank for permission from the kind people at LaTenDo. Was able to post up some nice pictures to share around, and here some is why this is one of my favor Peeking sites.

Location of this Peeking site

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Newly "yet to come" Figurines
Surely enough based on the Shop name, it's a heavenly paradise for any Peekers, and Grabbers.

There are many nice figurines to grab, and what more? Many Figurines being showcase for many other to peek.

Of course, they do some changes or rearrangement to the figurines in display, so it's never tiring to peek each time you visit.

So happened that they were displaying some nice new and yet to come figurines! So, I will be doing less talking, and let the pictures do all the talking!

Just click the picture and start peeking them all anyway! If you're in Singapore, plan a little walk trip. Oversea? Consider peeking over the site and check.

The shop is free to peek at, and got kind people to ask.

There are many many figurines for you peek on
Well, some of my figurines were bought from this shop, due to my Sparkly Eye Activated and Clean Hands Grabbing it.

Having one side with many figurines showcase, it just make one want to grab some of the figurines later. And if you wanna take a few photos, do kindly check with the kind people working in the shop first.

Please be ready when you going to take a step in, it going to get your Sparkly Eye activating and Clean Hands grabbing many stuffs.

If you wanna take a short break, consider the Maid Cafe just outside the front Entrance. So, decided to take a little peek over there yet?

Some more picture taken at LaTenDo 

Just the entrance is more than enough to get your Sparkly Eye Activated

Sparkly Eye, Activate!

I was peeking inside the shop from outside

My god, my clean hands wanna grab the Blue one. 

Hatsune Miku singing at the shop

Not sure what to grab? Slowly take a little Peek first.

Wish them to be at your room?

Black Rock Shooters and her friends

Didn't know there was a Band here!

On my Nendoroid!!


Need some Samurai Weapons and Armor?

Gundam Target Locked!

Sniper!! (*A*|")
Just a step in is more than enough.


All abroad! Ship ready to set sail!

Taking a ride her on Totoro's express?
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