Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 8 July 2012

Let get started with this week Sunday Report, and sure there are many things that got my Sparkly Eye Activated.

Even if I stare blankly at my computer screen, there sure are even a small little thing which got my attention.

Even a peek at Danny Choo site to see his post, are very refreshing and interesting due to many thing which is sure to get any one Sparkly Eye activated.

After the AFA Malaysia early this year June, there was an Anime Expo which got him really really busy, though good thing for him is that he get to see many of his comrades to have some chatting/sharing session. (*・∀・)/\(・∀・*)

Wow, Danny choo sure seem to enjoy himself a lot, since he still around the world, and it seem like the Anime Expo was a really nice events, though I was shocked to see Danny's Report!

I don't really get to see some post who go up and put the Post as Reports; though I did had my Figurine and Sunday Report.

A Report in a Post can be written in many ways, but details is still best to list out for Reader to peek on.

Even the Itasha look very interesting, but the most interesting thing to get my Sparkle Eye activated was a peek at Production I.G place.∑(O_O;)

Production I.G do have very interesting Anime, and talking about anime, let take a few peek at what I did Peeked into, some of which are from this place; (●´∀`●)

About time I getting up back to some of the latest Anime, though tomorrow is Cleaning time, so need to clear again the house and some messy place to clean. (`・ω・´)”

At least this week I did get many many tasty bite again. 旦_(^O^ )

Even though taking a detour before/after reaching the place of destination, sometime do help and let one notice some stuffs which can't be peek upon, until one take a little walk.

It no harm to take a little walk just to take a little peek, since one might never know if the place might have something to get your Sparkly Eye activated, like it did for me for this whole week. 。◕‿◕。

Though this week Figurines Report did get my Sparkly eye activated, just by staring blankly at the Screen.

This week sure got me very happy, even though there are some bad mood around and about. But even so, let peek into another great week, starting tomorrow! (^∇^   )
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