Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Doing some clear up 2

I wondered how many bits I got
Today was doing some clear up on my bookshelf, as I want to do some simple standardizing, and taking a little peek at how many little bits I had collected over the past 5 years.

Keep track and taking photo of it is one way to know how much changes my collection had went, and and sure enough, the different is very big.

I do take a peek at my post which I can look back at my room and know; learnt from Danny Choo!

As I recalled, yup, the first manga I got was Pokemon, then Yu-gi-oh and Naruto, before the other manga started leaping into my life.

The time when I started collecting
I had to thank my imouto for her help in some point of cleaning session today, though I am the one who recommended some Anime and Manga to her.

Her interests was only Sparkled about 2 - 3 years ago, though my parents instant Sparkled when they peeked into One Piece.

As for me, today I actually shocked at how many bits I collected, and was even more when I actually managed to take them all out.

Normally, I clear one shelf by one shelf, so I never really go and think about it. But if I really go and count, I actually lost count.

Now that I think about it, every little bits can become one big bits. (O_O ||")
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