Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 29 July 2012

Xiong Mao work hard in Games
This week sure is very very hot, though with a few Rain drop around, the heat is no where to disappear, and just as my bad dream about my Dakimakura having holes on it, the Sick Feeling got Activated.

Xiong Mao decided to step in and help me with a few typing around though. This week I even taking a breeze around Orchard Road too, and it was the final step to get me sick yesterday. /(x~x)\

Another headaches which made me realized that most of the Anime/Manga which I peeked were yet to do a review, though they were set off very long ago.

I will be doing a simple review/comment on them anyway. I even wonder how long I yet to touch my PS3/PSP too!

I wonder why myself too
 The following 3 Anime are what I peeking, since they are currently still on Flight;

Binbougami Ga!

Well, there are some Fans Services around the anime, which many had explained that they are healthy to the eye, though I would recommended that one follow the Laws of the "Age".

Again, I do not peek illegally, so don't worry about me. But I wonder why I getting the feeling that many misunderstood it. 「(゚ペ)

Another thing to note on why the length of each Anime/Manga different, the reason is very simple; it actually depend on how much I peeked, and how much I know about the Anime/Manga.

No one believed me when I say I will get Sick, which I did
If I know more, I will post more, so lesser mean I still yet to know about the Anime/Manga, but I still recommend as I find it interesting.

A quick peeking around Manga which I recommending this week is;


I would normally do a quick review on newly release Manga/Anime which I find it interestingly, and I wouldn't mind making a wish for getting into an interesting life.

Though I wonder how come most of my Peer telling me that I led a life that is considered unique to them, but I find it normal.

I still remember the time when I was nicknamed the "Lion King" for my temper and loud voice, and having given a nickname on one of my "Skills" called "Limit Breaker" where I went into a Berserk Mode and able to run at unbelievable Speed.

Clean hands grab a lot this week
Till now, I wonder how that come about though. But even more, how I come to like Figurines too.

Mada's Figurines Report (23/07/12)

Wanted to grab a Figurines, though I change it to Manga and some Pants. The feeling of finally grabbing a Figurine at the year end will surely be great! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

But instead for now, resting is very important, since I still yet to recover from the Sick Feeling. (x _ x |||)

It still not enough to take me out from Peeking at more Anime and Manga though, and next week, I most probably doing some simple peeking on past Anime like "Hidan no Aria" and "Ore no Imouto", d(*w*  )

Anyway, there is for this week, and wish you a healthy Next week. For now, Gonna do some peeking around, and most probably over at Danny Choo!! d(*v* \)

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