Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Detour to/back Orchard Road

Since I was going to Orchard for some peeking around, this time I  went out with my Imouto since she want to get some stuffs along the ways.

First stop, Novena Square (Above Novena MRT, Singapore).

Kind of shocked to notice there was a Dorayaki store, so decided to buy a few to bite on, though kind of disappointed for both of us, cos the custard wasn't very sweet at all.

Anyway, at least got some energy to start our walking sessions, though I would say is a small one, but too many detours around just to take a peek around.

There is a "Hello Kitty" shop at the 2nd floor, where my sis want to take a peek first.

Second stop, Ion Orchard at the Orchard Road!! (Of course I still in Singapore)

Since we didn't bite for Breakfast or Lunch except some Dorayaki, so this is our tasty bite; Curry Rice from the Monster Curry Store~!

I always get the bigger one since it more filling for me, but I regretted getting the Extra Hot curry (funny it is number 2 below "Very Hot" which is 3, I wonder what happen to me if I bite that)

Don't think that the red heart is very good, you'll need to mix it in with the curry, cos it the red spice, and I was "Raining"(Sweating) for each bite of the curry rice.

Though the Tonkatsu seem very dry, the Fish, Shrimp and Shabu Shabu tasted very nice. Good thing mine got some cheese to lessen the Spice Power, else I'll be Raining non-stop with Devil Eye (Red eye with Tear).

Actually this is the first I try Monster Curry, though previously it was Go Go Curry, wonder if the curry store change owners, or just change the curry brand.

Even so, I still prefer to cook my own Curry Rice, though I not good in frying to be honest.

Next time, I might go and take a bite out of the Ramen store, though It would be more likely next next week, or maybe later.

Since we are on a peeking trip more than a walking trip, went to check some stuff at Kinokuniya, and AFA Shop over at Scape. But didn't had anything that really caught my Sparkly Eye though.

The only thing that got it to activated was the Food Fest which I didn't know of.

Got so many people walking and peeking around, which I didn't aware that it was Youth Day's, so there were so many younger people too.

Was hoping for lesser people so it wouldn't be that crowd, never mind, a crowd not going to stop my peeking trip.

Though I kind of amazed at how many varies and type of tasty bite that are in the line of shop, and they do look yummy just by peeking at them.

Since we had our fill with the curry rice, took a quick peek around, and next would be a peek at Bukit Panjang Plaza, and of course, it still somewhere in Singapore.

Nope, I can't get myself teleport to other places that is not in Singapore.

My Imouto was taking getting some stuffs with her friends, and I got a few stuffs myself, since I need a wastepaper bins.

Overall, I didn't got any new manga book to get, though I still somewhere half-way on the current stock that I still peeking.

I even got some anime yet to peek up too, though I wonder how many of the current series that ended would have their Season 2 out.
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