Sunday, July 8, 2012

Biting up some Food 3

It been some time, since I sipped a little something that add in some Alcohol. (#*w*#)

Ahh~! 旦_(^O^ )

Mum give the thumbs up for me to sip this beer during some shopping at the Supermarket, and I actually want to go for other type of beer, though this one caught my Sparkly Eye.

Of course I reached the legal age of drinking this, so it alright. Plus I yet to get drunk from drinking for now.

The most effects I got from drinking is getting a increase in body temperature and face getting red, but nevertheless, my mind still in the right sane, cos there some way to prefer getting drunk.

One is getting some bite before you drink, and cold beer taste great, though pouring them in one cup full of ice is another way to lessen the power of being drunk.

The Sapporo beer I got at most 5.2%, so it less powerful, the most that I tasted was 40%, which taste very nice, but 1 cup was more than enough.

Yup, I do restrict myself. Though it didn't help me much when my Sparkly Eye activated upon peeking at this new "Purple" Noodles.

I know Soba Noodles is dark in color, and there the vegetables flavor which is green in color, though it's a first for me to saw this purple one.

Even when cooking it, kind of surprise at the step though.

The water color instantly turn purple, and I had to mix the strong smelling seasoning first before mixing it with the noodles.

I was starting to be afraid of getting a bite out of it, which gave me the surprise instead; It was Delicious~!

Now another tasty bite added to my list, and frankly I trying to get some tasty bite which my family don't dare to try, cos when I buy what they like, the tasty bite disappear on me very very fast.

Though there are time when they try the new tasty bite and took a liking to it.

So, do you have any sipping water or tasty bite which activate your Sparkly Eye, and make you wanna try them out?
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