Friday, July 6, 2012

Slacking Staring

Yes, Danny is my Homepage
Actually, I do want to just stare blankly at the computer starting from the afternoon, but it seem it impossible for me, since I was "blinded" by too many "Bright Light" in the morning.

I was helping my dad in selling some of his stuffs, and one of the best selling is the small torchlight, which is so bright, the user just learned "Flash".

It's important to take good care of our eyes, so I need to relax, and stare at nothing, other than Computer, or even Manga. (TTwTT)

I reached the last stage at Age 23! YEAH~
Was kind of in the bad mood today, due to being called "An Old Man" by many Miss who are older than me.

Amazingly, my Parents become my elder Sibling for today, when most of the customers were asked.

I do get a bit of upset for now, due to that there are some who say my dad look older than Grandfather, and some who say I look older than my dad.

Equation applying down here is the worst answer; I look older than my Grandfather.

Replying kindly "I'm 23 yrs" was somehow written as a lie to them, though good thing there is something call "Pink IC" in Singapore.

I still peeking into some more Anime, though it seem like I falling in some Manga peeking though. I can only Read Manga, Watch Anime or Play Games one at a time.

But as for Blogging, I do make a standard timing to write some posts. Though one might find me being very randomly.

Kind of not having a correct ways of doing thing, but somehow my style is just "Do as I see, Change as I think". (>w< ;)

His only little pink spot in all 4 paws
Another thing to note at our house, it do seem like Sickness hit Xiong Mao somehow hard, cos he resting and not eating much for some times.

Maybe a visiting session to the Vet is needed. Though I wonder just how peaceful it can sleep like a human, at my imouto's bed.

Also, a lack of sleep can affect a person's health, and since I been sleeping for a short while for a few days, I do need to reset my sleeping time again.

My dad's was kind of mess up, and he sure can mess mine very easily. Well, he's my dad, so since he need some help, just help him out. Least I get is nagging; good enough for me.

As for me, I need to really rest my eye after this post.

After peeking until down here, why not take a peek in my previous posts? (=x= ;)
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