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[God Slayer]

Creator - Jō Taketsuki


Light Novels
Drawn by Sikorsky
Published by Shueisha
12 Volumes [Ongoing]
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Drawn by Jirō Sakamoto
Published in Super Dash & Go, Shueisha
1 Volumes [Ongoing]
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Directed by Keizo Kusakawa
Plot by Jukki Hanada
Music by Tatsuya Kato
Studio - Diomedea
3 Episodes so far [Ongoing]
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Story started with Godo Kusanagi trying to return a Stone Tablet to a witch by the name Lucretia Zola, a friends of his Grandfather.

Instead, he meet a Female (Magic-wielding) Knight name Erica Blandelli, whom Godo mistaken for a robber, but not until some big Wild Boar appear out of the Harbour and start to attacking the city they are in.

Interestingly, Arianna (Erica's Maid) driving skills seem to be very good, but somehow having Erica comment the driving was making me wondering how bad the driving was. Even Godo though he was going to die from the ride.

Seem like the story show that Gods existed, and that  any damages done by them is seem as normal Natural Disasters by normal human,

I wonder if this Earth is having some battle to cause so many Tornado and Earthquake.

Anyway, due to some unknown reason, Gods can be killed, and if doen by a normal human/mortal, they will gain the abilities of the God. Also, they are called "Campione", with Godo being the 7th one.

Having a very quick 360 degrees change from Erica between Episode 1 and 2 was very refreshing.

Godo and Erica seem to have a bad start, and was almost worsen when they were at Zola's house. Though this change when Godo managed to defeat  Verethragna with her help.

So much for the Victory God to actually had his first lost, but it seem like he was very satisfied, and pass his abilities to Godo, due to the Curse.

Thank to that, Godo did not die due to the Ram (Sheep) ability.

Since then, Erica seem to be forcefully gaining Godo's affection, even transfer into his class and demand to be sit next to him too.

Well, Godo not going to have a easy life, which seem to be interesting on the part where he attracting a few more girls later now.

But with their helps, Godo do need to stop many Trouble-making Gods, since their powers are more than enough to destroy mankind.

My praise to the creator for peeking up on so many Gods' histories, and good anime to peek, since it got a few Fan-Services which is very healthy to the Eye.

Though not much than Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai, but still very nice to peek on.

As far as I peeked, have you peek into the Battle War Zone between Gods and Mortal in Campione!
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