Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Peeking around again 4

Decided to do some re-arrangement around my table to make it good nice, and maybe some walking trip to see any nice Keychain or stuff to grab this coming Saturday.

Somehow some Gundam in my hidden spot got activated and having them appear in at my table.

Well, there are some nice lady posing with them too. 

Again, with so much peeking, I was kind of busy doing my own stuffs, and hopefully it get in.

I currently pause Anime and Manga for a day or two, which I would most probably resume it very soon, though I been forcefully awake by dad and ask to help him early in the morning.

He not feeling well, together with my Grandma and Imouto. Seen like the weather is not good in Singapore here, very easy to get sick.

This time, as I mentioned many many times, that this Summer Season, there are many many anime and Manga got my Sparkly Eye Activated, and I'll be putting them up, sometime starting on Friday.

I do like to share some peeking in Anime and Manga, but it depend on your taste and preference though; I don't force you to peek.

Pretty like how I peek at LaTenDo, most of the Anime and Manga are what got my Sparkly Eye Activated, which mean I got interested in it.

There are some cases where I got bored after a while for some series, which strangely ended kind of unexpected like Negima! Magister Negi Nagi and Air Gear, which I stop following someway.

There are some which I wish for it NOT to end, like D-gray Man and Skip Beat! since I been peeking on them for so long after their Anime pause don't know when.

But even so, peeking at some manga, and seeing it end do give a feeling that you had seen the end of it.

Though some Manga can still resurrect, and I still continue to peek despite all that. So, any Manga you wanna me to peek on?
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