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Accel World

Akuseru Wārudo
Accel World (Accelerate World for short)

Creator - Reki Kawahara


Light Novels
Drawn by HiMA
Published by ASCII Media Works
11 Volumes [Ongoing]
More Info @Wiki | @Baka

Drawn by Hiroyuki Aigamo
Published in Dengeki Bunko Magazine, ASCII Media Works
2 Volumes [Ongoing]
More Info @Baka
Read it @Batoto | @Mangareader

Acchel World. (Yes, there is a dot at the end)
Drawn by Akari Ryuryu
Published in Dengeki Bunko Magazine, ASCII Media Works
Volumes [Ongoing]
More Info @Baka
Read it @Batoto

Accel World / Durai: Magisa Garden
Drawn by Ayato Sasakura

Published in Dengeki Daioh, ASCII Media Works
Yet to released a Book but still [Ongoing] 
More Info @Baka

Directed by Masakazu Obara
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Studio - Sunrise
Claimed to have 24 Episodes [12 Episodes so far, Ongoing]
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Developed/Published by Namco Bandai Games
Game type - Fighting/RPG [From what I see in some video]
Console - PS3/PSP
Set Flight on 13 September 2012 [Japan]
More Info @Homesite

Story started with Haruyuki Arita, a small and round boy who is self-esteem gamer; Don't like the real world, but OWN the game world.

Yup, he's your Main Characters down here who will earn himself a beauty (earned the wrath of many) and yet at the starting line, he is being bullied by some guys in his classroom.

Even his Avatar in the Global Networks is a Small Little Pig, which was force upon him by the bully too, though it actually amazing to see how the same Pig, can be so flexible and quick when playing some games, and getting into the Top 5, and all 5 are him.

Interestingly, the famous Student Council Vice-President, Kuroyukihime, who is a beauty and respected/loved by many.

Even when she jokingly admit that she was rejected by Haru during her confession, Many were shocked/amazed.

What hidden in herself, is that she is the one who introduced Haru to the hidden game, Brain Burst, and is known as the Black King, a Level 9 in the game and a leader of a Fractions; Nega Nebulus.

Brain Burst is a secret application which let one think so fast, that it seem to let the user think that the time had stopped.

Though there are many good uses for this application, there are also the set back, where one once install, it will never be re-install again after it been un-install.

Also due to the limited amount of uses for this stuff, one can only used 100 times, though it can be earned/lost by fighting other in a Fighting Game.

Shocking at first when I was wondering why everyone was "typing an invisible Keyboard" or having "Program Window" popping only in the user's view.

The Neuro Linker is so such a nice device, until I was amazed when they put the year this anime take place; 2046.

Maybe by them, my Child/grandchild should be playing with that, though due to the reason that I'm Single, so that not happening.

The fighting game in Brain Burst also seem very unique, since it like a real-life fighting.

Each user got their unique style of fighting, even there one which start out as a "Riding in a bike and Ram them down, or Ride up a Building"

But honesty, I'd refer to listen to the OP/ED Songs, who so happened to be May'n singing [Chase the World], and Kotoko feat. Fripside having [Unfinished]. I do like their Songs very much!

Now that I got new music added to my favor list of AnimeSong (after getting an unexpected re-formatted), here a peek at the Accel World Game, from the homesite.

Though I not very sure about the Release date, and the game type, the information was peeked in Wikipedia and the Main site, which made me wonder how they going to showcase for it Flight. There still some time for it, though one must never get too high hope, "Waiting" sometime is a very funny thing.

I do hope the video did clear your questions about why I put the Genre as Fighting/RPG, and though I not sure how the finalized one will be.

With the so fast can say got 24 Episodes Anime, it really made me wonder how they going to really point out each battle, cos even having the Black Kings to finally appear can take 6 episodes.

Well, the fight between 2 Childhood friend did end up in some good point, with the 3rd one joining in later.

As far as I peeked, Have you peek into the Accelerating Fighting World in Accel World?
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