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Sensei no Bulge

Sensei no Bulge

Bulge of the Battle Star

Creator - Horikoshi Kouhei

Series - Manga [Ongoing]

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From the creator of Oumagadoki Doubutsuen, a Classic story about a Pleasant and a Prince who look and voice a-look, switching their position and having the story plot all twister, and yet interesting to peek on.

I even mistaken the meaning of "Sensei" initially.

Story start with some planet in some galaxy where it peaceful times were overtaken by Alien Races, and war had torn many families apart. Power rules all.

Prince Bulge, escaped from the castle, after knowing that he must travel around the planets to reclaim the place, and kick off the evil people/alien, and to restore Peace again.

Astro, works for peanut money in order to raise enough money for his "Family", which consist of many abandoned child.

Having to work for a selfish Boss who cut salaries for lame excuse, Astro uses the money for his family so they can eat and be happy, which he said that it give him a peace of mind when sleeping.

He do not have any family himself, so if a family was torn in front of him, he will get mad and angry at anyone.

Even being fired by his selfish Boss for saving him, since the alien they crossed was Archduke of Endra, whom was after the Org which signify the True ruler of the planet.

In order to prevent trouble, the Archduke throw his "Spare Money" to Astro and go off.

A very interesting twist about Doppelganger and The prince and the pleasant. After Prince Bulge meet up with Astro in his house and switching their position, Bulge was later killed after passing the Org to Bulge.

His last words "I'm Free" was short-lived, and Astro was immediately brought back to the castle, much to his dismay. And bringing some suspicious feeling with him, since the prince is well known for his selfishness.

A good use on the plot about when one meet his or her Doppelganger, they die later on. Well, it true for the Prince, since he was mistaken for a criminal about to assault the prince.

The king (age 98) grieve for his lost of only son, but made Astro the Prince in later point, after knowing that he got the ideal to reclaim the lands, and bring back the peace.

Also, due to Astro having the willpower and resolve to control and activate the Org, which true form is of a Spear/Lance, unlike Bulge who was unable to use it even if he is the Prince.

Astro later used the Spear to defeat many those who hurt other, especially when it come to Family of others, including the Archduke, who thought he can demand for the Org, by pointing Astro as the thief, who many though of him as Prince.

A strong and fierce Tiamat who is the Vice-captian of the king's Military Police, is afraid of Women, and was seem as the Prince's Coach.

Under the King's request, Tiamat is to teach Astro everything as a prince, and the way to fight using his Org. Unlike Bulge who escape from training, Astro train himself under Tiamat's training in order to grow stronger, so he can help to protect many Families.

Clever, strong and Cautious, Tiamat got many battle experience which not only get though in some situations, he was amazed at Astro's willpower, and believe in Astro.

I must praise the creator for using simple plot, but very interesting twist to the story, like Strong bullying the weak, taking the women away, killing off the man which leave the elderly and young to fear for their live.

I was even amazed at the third arc where the Women were forced to fight, in order to save their husband caught under the Big bad "Rock" guy.

Even right off the bat, Tiamat did mentioned about having a Ring leader to all the happening, and the forth point did make use of where there is a town on Military Police becoming corrupted.

One funny shown here is that most Alien is deem as Evil, and human were contact bully, or even taken as slave, which made Astro Furious.

With many after the Org, it did seem like Astro is making good use of it, since it can take down any enemies in just one hit, due to it overwhelming power.

But to activate it, one must have a heightened emotion, and it seem like it burns those with evil hearts. And due to the part where it activate even of different bloodline, so many were after it to prove their Kingship.

A good thing that Astro did train his body when working under harsh condition, and carry heavy stuffs around, so learning the basic was more than enough. Though Tiamat still there to cover his back.

I wonder how the story plot will be heading though, since I did like peeking Oumagadoki Doubutsuen due to it interesting way of twisting.

But after peeking this, I find it a nice little Battling World to peek in. So have you yet to peek at Sensei no Bulge?
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