Monday, July 16, 2012

Mada Figurines Report 16 July 2012

I know one can never get tired or enough of Figurines, and what made some events nice is showing of Figurines in display to showcase their beauty and coolness.

This week, what gotten my Sparkly Eye Activated is the characters' Avatar in Accel World.

Scarlet Rain @Amiami
Silver Crow @Amiami
Black Lotus @Amiami
Kuroyukihime @Amiami

I do watch Accel World, and I like how the story go, even it do look great on how the game avatar of each characters look very different when it come to the accelerated world.

Since they are all in Figma for Scarlet Rain and Black Lotus, it would look pretty cool for both Level 9 to do a short fight, even the battle between Yellow Noise and Black Lotus was very intense.( ̄□ ̄;)

I wonder how come a clown with illusion trick can have it attack speed to be that Imba!

But it seem like A bunny suit follow after her famous Tiger suit do suit Taiga from ToraDora!

Taiga Bunny Suit @Amiami
Taiga Tiger Suit @Amiami

Not sure if she going to subdue Ryuji with that, but if you going to grab her, please ensure your hand is very very clean.

It been sometime since I last peeked into ToraDora, though I got one Cushions with the 3 girls together.

Also seem like both figurines can have Taiga having her doing a face change, but her pose will be fixed in that though.

She not going to hop like a bunny, if that's what you expecting.∑(O_O;)

Also, as the second Season of Dog Days being set off flight, it would be best to grab some figma of either the Ruler of Biscotti Republic or Galtte Lion army to do some nice action.

Gau @Amiami
Millhi @Amiami

Interestingly, with the 3 Main Human becoming 3 Heros, each representing a country in Flonyard.

Yup, a third force had finally decided to jump in! Though I wonder if all the rulers are like childhood friend trend.

Nevertheless, having a new force coming in did turn up the heat on the battle, and again, the battle is so friendly to the point that no one is going to get kill, or any forced fighting, or I might be wrong about that... hehe Ψ(`◇´)Ψ

Cutely enough to get my Sparkly Eye Activating will be Asuna Yuuki of Swords Art Online.

Asuna KoB Equipped @Amiami
Asuna Newly Married @Amiami
Asuna Titania @Amiami

I was wondering how do this 3 nice and cute little figurines end up in the magazine point, when it turned out that it actually a Bonus in Dengeki Hobby Magazine 2012 for September and October.

I don't do really peek in Magazine, since I Stare Blankly at the Screen instead, but due to the cuteness of Asuna, I do want to get a peek in the Magazine, and grab her with my clean hand.

I wonder if I able to grab it near some book shop though.

But somehow I somehow recall there is a big file in some shops about Nendoroid.

I wonder where I peek that this though.

Nendoroid Complete File @Amiami

Yup, it do have a cute little Saber coming along with it, plus the cuteness is overloaded when you take a little peek in this big file full on Nendoroid.

My praise to Good Smile Company for having so many nice figurines, and I got about 5 figurines grab from them, of course with my clean hand.

Also, today in Japan celebrate Ocean Day, so there are many figurines ready to go to the beach and showcase their swimsuit!

Inia Sestina @Amiami
Ryoumou Shimei @Amiami
Yuuko Kanoe @Amiami
Muginami @Amiami
Yukiko Amagi @Amiami
Rise Kujikawa @Amiami
Tomo Asama @Amiami
Nate Mitotsudaira @Amiami

Well, it's a day to go to the Beach during the summer vacation to enjoy and relax at the same time. But even so, I don't really like going to the beach myself.

I did turn into a "Lobster" once and well, I don't like the heat myself, that the reason why I take good care of my skin.

Who say only Woman must care? It best for men too!

Well, you can peek at some of my previous Figurines posts on some of the other figurines in their swimsuits.

I don't go peek when they are change though. But there are just so many nice figurines to peek on, but best to take good care of them.

Don't let them take on the heat!!

As for me, I prefer to take a nap at home, since it was Raining in Singapore this Afternoon.
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