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Dog Days (Anime)

Doggu Deizu
English for Dog Days

Creator - Masaki Tsuzuki

Produced by Project DD
Studio - Seven Arcs

Season 1 -> 13 Episodes
Directed by Keizo Kusakawa

Season 2 -> Scheduled Flight on July 2012
Directed by Junji Nishimura

Light Novel - 4 Volumes
Illustrated by Kiro Habane
Published by Kadokawa Shoten

Manga - 1 Volumes
Drawn by Takuya Fujima
Published by Kadokawa Shoten

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Story started at a little climax with a preparation for Battle, and It was a kind of a one-sided Victory.

Millhiore Firianono Biscotti (Millhi for Short) is the Princess for Biscotti Republic, who decided to summon a Hero to her Republic in order to turn the tide back on the Galette Lion Army.

They had been fighting many losing battles, and losing most of their land to the Galette Lion Army.

Story later twist back to the real world where the main boy, Cinque ('Shinku') Izumi, a half Japanese/British from Cornwall.

He is very Athletic and acrobatic who love sports to the extreme, and loves to show off his skills a lot.

Chosen hero by Millhi, to aide the battle against the Galette Lion Army, although in later episode Millhi admit that she chose him after showing his skills in a competition.

Unaware to the both of them, after summoning to World of Flonyard, Shinku is unable to return to his homeworld.


I must say that the story down here is really good to the point that the word "Fantasy" is not enough to described it at all!

Even the starting battle give me the shock, as how the battle really is, really different from a hit and slash fight.

The battle is just a normal battle where no one will get much injuries, and they don't die, but only "revert' into some Fur Balls.

As far as I can peek into it, the battle is really nice, but for some characters, they got cool skills and tend to be very outrageous, but still cool and nice.

Doing one big explosion or cutting down one side of a castle tower is really no joke but I amazed at how they can go along it.

Normal Soldiers only get to be turned into Fur balls which meant their defeat, but they still live.

But as what I like in this nice little story is that there is also some slice of life, after each battle they had. And kind of interesting to see how Shinku can get used to living in Flonyard in just a short time.

Joke wise, I must say that some little Fans service is added to this, which show that this story is more a nice and smooth story plot.

After some twist and fate in the story in Season 1, there is another Flight called Season 2 which is scheduled somewhere in July this year. Though one thing to note is that the director this time is different.

The title also been shown as "Dog Days Dash" (ドッグデイズダッシュ | Doggu Deizu Dasshu), so I really looking forwards to another interesting plot by the creator.

With just around 2 months set in motion, this is just another reason to take a little (re-)peek into the Acrobatics World of Flonyard in Dog Days.

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