Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Biting up some Food

Tonight menu was Curry Rice, and Miku helped me out with it. Even the dogs on the table are ready to bite the food too.

I been to some supermarket, and bought some ingredients, and did think up of some menu for myself.

But I would cook for my family at the same time, since somehow I tend to cook a little bit more.

I been using this instant curry, and since my whole family prefer not to spicy, I got the mild favor instead.

Also, it vegetarian, so my dad can also bite on it, though the addition ingredients I add are just Potato and Carrot only.

I add a separate eggs for my mum/sis, though I do want to add onion and some meat to the curry instead, unless I not cooking for my dad.

Currently, I craving to cook for dinner for this few day, but I prefer to cook one type of food, instead of many side dish.

Even so, I personally like to eat many different side-dish. (=x= |")

Curry is the favor of many person, and it easy to cook, though I will add some coffee or cheese to taste the favor, when I cooking for myself.

I do experiment with the taste of my cooking, and so far my family prefer my Spaghetti and Curry Rice/Udon.

But they personally like I cooking since they do not need to cook themselves, and even when not cooking, I am usually the one who go out and order food for dinner.

I do depend on my mood when cooking, much like my grandmother, but when I cook, I prefer to see what ingredients I have before thinking up some weird Menu.

Good thing Miku help me this time around. Though, would you like to try out some curry?
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