Thursday, May 24, 2012

Peeking around again

Today went for a little short walking trip, and saw some new stuffs in some store shelf.

But currently, I am reading up some book for now, so I will be doing some quick little review on the new stuffs, hopefully by tomorrow.

Also, I'm planning some schedule for myself next month, and hopefully I can book my driving test by then. I need to pass the Final Theory Test next week though.

Based on some cover page, you'll will be aware on what I been peeking around, but normally, I just hang around Mangareader or Batoto site to read, otherwise, I'll be listening to music and reading some books.

Also, I going back a bit by drawing on paper for now, since It more easier for me when doing a reference with some book/picture.

Not good with coloring myself though.

Another thing to note for myself, is that I will be doing some personally stuff myself; I also still working on this blog Tabs...

Well, if you interested, you can just peek into some of my older post for some time killing~<3 (*x* ||)
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