Saturday, May 5, 2012

Anime Expo and Culture Japan Night

Seem like there are 2 anime gathering with Mr Serious Danny, one is Anime Expo at Los Angeles Convention Center, another is Culture Japan Night somewhere at Akibahara.

More info at following
Danny Choo
@Anime Expo | @Culture Japan Night
Anime Expo @Site

With someone going around the world for Anime stuff, he the man for it, and I believe do want to meet him once too.

He had updated his post on someplace for gathering with the Culture Japan Night being on 11 of May this month, which is just a few day more to go. And let not forget about the AFA Malaysia which is on June Next Month.

And many are planning around to get to that event, and even Danny Choo is going be hosting/helping around.

And for those who had been planning for some trip, can consider these point of place as interest.

As Danny Choo mentioned, if you do not want to show your face, use heavy make-up or remove your face; my recommendation is just use paper bag or cloth to cover it.

Main important thing to note down there is to ensure that social networking is important, so as Danny Choo recommend, don't hesitant to ask for it, and I believe they all do want to add each other up.

But for me, I am unable to teleport myself to those places, and yet I really want to do appear in my black armor too.

Well, better to concentrate on my driving lessons for now.

Considering the amount of stuff appear down there, if you happen to be on the spot of events, you can just peek around there, but do read up on Danny's Post for more info beforehand.

Currently thinking of way to learn teleport at the same time too.

Not that fast to get thing over for me, since I planned my schedule to go AFA Singapore at this year end.

But based on present time, I think celebrating my birthday with my family come first. o(>w<)o
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