Monday, May 14, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 13 May 2012

Was celebrating Mother's Day over at my grandma's house yesterday, but that didn't mean I will miss out my Sunday Report down here.

This week, there were some changes make down here in this little blog, like adding the tabs, which I am still working on it.

But as far I can say, I will still continue to peek into some more Animes which I am watching or being recommended by friend.

After which I will be compiling a list to another batch of friends of mine who had missed out Anime after they had gone to the Busy World called Reality.

Let keep this Report as short as possible, and you may be more interesting to peek into other worlds which I had peeked into;

You may read a little bit of what I written, if not, just head over the links at the top of each post link and start peeking.

Manga and Anime continue to grow more and more, so there no stopping for it. But I will try to continue to peek into much more if I can, otherwise I'll be heading into the Busy World too.

But to make thing easier, I did another change, which is introducing another post call "Mada's Figurine Report".

I will be inputting some figurine which I peek at some site, and it will in either Monday or Tuesday, since it will the post to kick start the day to overcome the boring day of the week.

Well, ensure a good Meal at the start of the day, and enjoy yourself to a fresh new day. (v(*w* ) 
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