Friday, May 18, 2012

Neko at void deck

As much as I like to say Xiong Mao like to take a nap in many odd places at home, there another Neko down the void deck who win at choosing the best place to nap.

And I frankly surprised at just how this little Neko why he choose that car only.

Sometime ago, I managed to take a shot of it napping on a comfy abandoned chair, but when comparing to Xiong Mao, he prefer under the chair instead.

But Xiong Mao is not just a very "Special" Neko to my family, it was just a little palm-sized kitten when it hopped into our doorstep.

We did ask our neighbor if he belong to anyone, but no answer, so we decided to keep it, and the first Neko "officially" welcome into our home.

The Un-"officially" all disappear on their own. And 2 years passed with Xiong Mao being a very heavy Neko.

Xiong Mao position is NEET, though he can catch some cockroach and stuffs, which freak most members in my family.

He one scary cat, and yet one nice little Neko.

Well, when there some Neko that appear in my path and catches my Sparkling Eye, I might take a photo of it and post them up in Facebook, if not I just blog a little post by compiling one chunk of photos.

All depending on situations, but for now, I need to take  a little rest, since I not feeling that well, since someone did a Sick Curse on me.

Nothing to worry about, but have you peek some of my previous post on some anime yet?
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