Thursday, May 3, 2012

Grabbin' Some Stuffs

Today went for a walking session with my imouto to grab some shoes for her and mum, down at Plaza Singapura.

And while we at it, I grab some items during shopping at Daiso shop.

I was thinking of getting me a cheap water bottle, and I think this is the best water bottle I can get down there.

It got 2 uses, and it a very very good item to use. First it is a water bottle, next thing it become a dumbbell. My salute to the one who created this Water Bottle Dumbbell.

Normally I thought this would be made in China, but wrong; it Made In Japan!∑(O_O;)

One can choose to add either water, or sand as the weight to this Water Bottle Dumbbell.〆(・∀・@)

But I will be choosing to add Water instead not because it lighter, but at least it can be drink. And ensure you wash this bottle before usage.

Next item on the lists was this Cooling Mask, one for the Eye, another for normal cooling pack. (●´∀`●)

A very good bargain for 1 at $2 SGD down here, and due to the rainy and hot weather in Singapore, I am going to use this to cool and chill down my face.O(≧▽≦)O

It have to be put in the freezer before usage, but it also seem like the Gel Pack can be heated up and use as a warm pack during cold weather too.

Also, it good for me after playing games, or exercises to cool down.

Next item to grab for my real usage is the brush and the fan which I want to get before heading towards the cashier.

I need a new brush not for painting but using it to brush off the duct on my figurine, and this come at 2 different size value pack, so it worth the money~

And I want to grab a fan with my hands as I want to fan myself when I outside during a hot weather.

Kind of want to paste the fan to my wall instead though, but using it is more better.(#/。\#)
And although this cup and coaster was in my room already, I decided to start using them about now, and I using it to drink some coffee, tea and/or milk for now.(*^◇^)_旦

Somehow it taste better while using this cup, and I seem to stare at the cup more than other small one which I normally use.

As for now, I going to relax in my room listening to the music and enjoying a cup of tea. o(>w<)o
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