Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eating Something

If you're wondering how do I go about Enjoying Breakfast, this is how.

I do need the Sweetness and Energy from the food in order to kick start my day, and Sugar is also very important too.

But keep in control for the amount though.

I don't think it a bad idea to go around having some Figurine having breakfast or any meal with me.

But Danny Choo had some nice figurine doing some simple cooking for him. (@Danny Choo)

Though Mirai Curry is not a bad choice too, though I don't have the luxury to go to Ameyoko to get some bite, but Orchard Road got many bite down the road.

One thing I really want to eat away is my nervousness, as my driving lesson is reaching near the conclusion, which mean I will be taking my practical test somewhere next month.

Well, it been some time since I last cooked some nice noodles after peeking at some old picture, so maybe tomorrow after my lesson, I might just go ahead and cook some nice cold Soba.

The weather been very hot, though sometime rain. I do hope Teru Teru Bozu will make it cool nice day.

But looking at the time now, I should head out of my room to get some bite for now. (*w* ;;)
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