Friday, April 27, 2012

Enjoying Breakfast

First thing that must always come to mind - Breakfast.

It is what give one energy to kick start the day, and it don't really matter what one eat for the first meal of the day.

In Singapore, I'm sure that many do not really follow the schedule, or matter what food to eat.

I do know some friends who do not eat breakfast as they feel will throw up after eating.

It doesn't matter why, but eating a bite in the morning is what give one a healthy start for the day.

Even Danny Choo enjoying a very tasty bite with his lovely wife at Tateshina too. (@Danny Choo)

There are a few things which is always noticeable for me when it come to breakfast; I would prefer noodles, be it bought from the food courts or instant cooking.

Cooking instant noodles is very very easy, and very very tasty too.

As much as one loved it, they come in many different taste and flavor which is consider as Man's best friends which it come in term of food.

I do know a few friends who loved it to the point of having it 3 Meals per day.

But I don't really go for that far, normally since I don't like eating rice or anything crunchy (but still take cereal) in the morning to kick start.
Pancake is another story, and I really love it to the point of cooking it slowly and nicely to have that lovely color on it.

Of course Maple / Honey come in with butter is later story.

But unless I got the time, and in the right mind, I will cook this out, and of course I need to wake my sister so she can get get a bite too.

One packet of flour in the instant making pancake is too much for me despite it tasty bite.

Bread wise, I don't really refer it unless I in total unclear mind to think about cooking early in the morning.

It very easy to prepare a bread, and spreading butter/jam on it, and it ready.

Some would prefer to toast it, cook it and to some, just plainly eat it instantly.

Sometimes I make Freshly France Toast, which will ended up a mountain of it since I can't stop cooking it.

It important for me since I need to eat my medication after breakfast, and I had gastric, so no skipping breakfast for me.

But despite so much, don't you like to enjoy a very tasty bite for breakfast?
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