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Medaka Suggestive Box

Medaka Bokkusu

Alt Name: Medaka Box

Written by Nisio Isin (@Wiki)
Illustrated by Akira Akatsuki (@Wiki)
Published in Weekly Shonen Jump, Shueisha

Manga - Chapter 1 - 140 [Oncoming]
Anime - Scheduled to air on 4th April 2012

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About time I start another long post on another Manga which I followed since it started.

Don't worry, but it will be just a brief summary from the story, nothing much, but you might find a few spoiler around though. Still, I will add my idea/comment down on the summaries, bit of like what I did on BRS (@Nagakun), so I might go off-topic half-way.

But before I start, I will have to warn you, there no logic in this manga despite the authors ways to make it legally logical.

Story start with Medaka Kurokami, a first year student who was elected for the Student Councils President with 98% of the vote, and to help those who are in trouble, students can write in they problems, woes, or suggestion and put them into the Suggestion Box.

Amazingly, she started it out with her alone in the students councils before getting her childhood friend, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, who knew and was in love with her since they were two years old.

Their Mission is to help no matter what the problem, even if they gain nothing in return. And to top it all up, even if the one who need help is even their enemies, they will still help them out, earning the title; "She who love her enemies"

Zenkichi also earn his own title; "The one who stick to Medaka", which point out how much he had been with Medaka since they were 2 yrs old.

No surprise on how the authors stress the point of childhood friends down here, but what make Medaka current personality is also due to Zenkichi words to Medaka when they first meet; "To make other happy".

In this manga, as I say no logic will be applied down here, despite all the enemies appearing, not one did Medaka fail to change them though, and to plus it up, she did outrageous stuffs.

What to say? Zenkichi initial role in this manga was to stop Medaka, which will become another turning point in later chapters.

The starting Arc, "Suggestion Box Arc" start out on the story on how the daily life in the student councils, showing us how the both of managed to solve the problems of the students, but despite reading on, I find it amazing when they put the blood group on the introducing students or person.

They are all Type AB, and you wouldn't be able to find other type...

What I find it a bit of pissing off is on this point; "She love her enemy", and due to this, her enemies become her allies, despite all the bad stuffs that they did.

But this is what she did is not wrong, and she gain more friends who are strangers to her in the first place.

In also doing so, they trust her to most of the things that happened in the school, and 2 additional councils member; Kouki Akune and Magana Kikaijuma.
Akune started out to be a rebellious guy who will hit anyone he was order to when he was in middle school.

But due to Medaka preserver and caring personality, he fall in love with her, to the point that he will do anything just to be with her.

With his skills on martial arts, plus his good look, he sure gain the affection of most girl around. Not to forget he also a genius in the councils, who hold the position of secretary.

Another thing to add on, he is one of those who mostly act Independence and adapt to most situation.

Taking up the position of treasurer is Mogana, previously from the swimming club.

She is well-known for her lung capacity on holding under water for a month, and her ultra voice which can tear your ear drum away.

Due to her love of money and mental calculation, she is given the treasurer position and the only one who is paid to sit on it.

Despite that, she is also the one who treasure the friendship she hold with the member of the councils, especially to Medaka.

Another thing to note down here, she gain more courage while in her swimming suit.

Zenkichi is the very very very normal person down in this manga, so you will think.

Good idea from the authors in stressing that he is a normal human, but not in my case, despite many saying him weak or someone who stick to Medaka.

Zenkichi is someone who is the hardworking type, due to his love for Medaka, and the reason why Medaka love him.

Still, as you read on in the Manga, you will notice that Zenkichi is someone one do not cross with, but to go along with instead.

I not going into the powers or abilities on Zenkichi and Medaka due to their long histories and many changes in the manga, but don't worry, you can read them at Medaka Box Wikia for more info, which is very very longer than mine but more detailed. (@Zenkichi | @Medaka)

The latest chapter down here finally show the end of the fight between the two couples of Zenkichi and Medaka, But if you are interested, you may read the manga to start the madness, or if you prefer anime, no worry, it starting to air on 4th April, which is just a few day ahead.

But as a word of warning from me, Do not apply logic on this manga.

Simple reason, the manga sway between real life and it own manga life, meaning to say the authors did a good job in applying the characters to know that their life is in a Manga being read by us. And good execution on the point of the main characters always win no matter what.

Which I think really indirect kick to most battle manga series; Bleach for example.

The anime series come an unexpected end with the Manga in it (about time) Final Arc. I know there are time when Main characters in One Piece and Naruto die off, but I don't see it most in Bleach, which make most fans a bit of losing their Fans Love on Bleach, but no worry, I going to continue it to see it end at no matter what the cost.

After knowing some basic info on the madness of Medaka Box, wouldn't you be interested to start reading the manga and/or wait for the Anime to start it flight?
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